Welcome Spring; Welcome New Life, Abundantly!

With some interruptions for snow (only once this whole Winter) and some cold-snaps, Spring has been springing here in NC, for a couple months – wild but true!  So Now, many trees are in full flower, many trees have buds, some fully flowering… AND some trees, bushes, etc still look like Winter! AND there is nothing wrong!  Each in […]

We are Birthing Something…

Many of us feel like everything is falling apart, we are going backward, things are getting worse.   I believe we are birthing something new,we are going forward, things are progressing. But for many of us it FEELS worse, it LOOKS worse!And this is just true.Death. Then re-birth. SO, it is challenging, we are experiencing a […]

What is Teleios? And why should we care?

We all face challenges.   While we dream of powerful self-expression and the heights of our contribution in our world,  we sometimes trip over the molehills within. We are each a Special Nut of tremendous possibility in this world.   No one else can be us… live our potential, enjoy our journey, serve in our […]