‘Dancing w/the Divine: Beyond Belief’: March INTENSIVE: Living IN LIGHT & Glory

Delight in Divine PRESENCE, Uncover CLARITY, Get FREE, Shine BRIGHT

As we MARCH into Spring, the LIGHT returning, I invite you to participate
in a GLORY-ous, enLIGHTening, Life-Shifting Adventure:

Living in LIGHT & Glory INTENSIVE!

I know, it sounds kinda Religious; Maybe Highfalutin, Weird…
But I am pointing to something MIRACULOUS/ MAGICAL:
Consciously Savoring what is REAL and BEYOND Everyday Consciousness.

It’s about the Sweetness & Deliciousness of Direct Spiritual Experience.
NOT words, theories, scriptures, rituals, shoulds, hoops to jump, pretending…
RATHER: REALizing Your OWN Spiritual Experience IN Your Own SOUL 

This is an INVITATION to experience MORE:
To say in Christian Language (2 Cor 3:18):  Beholding & Reflecting Divine Glory;
Enticing Continuous Transformation of you (& your world) IN Sacred GLORY.

For example, we will be Dancing with all kinds of High Energy, and
Releasing all kinds of Low Energy, that’s been in the Way of our Sacred WAY, including:

  • Delighting in Divine PRESENCE: exaltation in SACRED splendor;
    blessings & wonder,  luster & luminescence, gleaming & radiance,
    incandescence & illumination.
  • Uncovering CLARITY: Sacred Seeing & Knowing, comprehension,
    insight, awareness, understanding, elucidation, edification.
    Gradual Revealing & uncovering for Healing what is Hidden & Hurting.
  • Getting FREE: Hello darkness, heaviness, gloominess… our old friend.
    Unearthing Barriers & Unknotting Obstacles, but NOT Overcome.
    Gently releasing Secret Stumbling Blocks to say YES to Sacred FLOW.
    Tenderly opening to our sacred & mundane life, with less shame & hiding.
  • Shining BRIGHT: Unveiling Divine beauty & brilliance from within,
    sharing with our world Sacred gorgeous glowing. Showing up AND
    staying out of our own way – Letting go to allow Glory to Gracefully Gush.

COME PLAY with us in March!


‘Dancing w/the Divine: Beyond Belief’

… Well, that Sounds Good, BUT HOW?

Are you are willing to Innovate: OPEN to NEW?
Play with Imaginative Perspectives & Possibilities?

My friend LynnB & I, along with other friends, will be honestly Sharing 
some of our own Experience, as well as:

  • Responding to your Questions
  • Unpacking our PRACTICE of Savoring GLORY & Shining LIGHT
    and HOW & WHY this works for us, and many others.
  • Revealing WHAT we’re doing to Leverage SHIFT:
    Opening, Letting-Go & Letting-In…

I expect you will receive value: CONNECTION, INFORMATION,

  • What’s possible when you SEE an enlivening SPARK of the Sacred FIRE take LIGHT in you?
    Are you Ready to Roar INto GLORY in your Life?
  • It’s possible to ASK & RECEIVE More IN SPIRIT;
    Even when Stuck & Suffering, Ornery & Overwhelmed.
    Something NEW Can ANIMATE, take Shape!

Shy? you don’t Have to be seen or heard – but you can be!
Come as our Guest FRIDAY 1st
Even if you can’t make the date, sign-up & receive the Replay.
Read more if you please 🙂 


‘Dancing w/the Divine: Beyond Belief’

… Well, that Sounds Good, Show me HOW!

Just like most Everything in our Human Life,
Learning & Practice makes a huge difference in our RESULTS.

Even Geniuses are informed by what others find WORKS and doesn’t!
Others’ successes & failures: Standing on others’ shoulders -> LEARNING.

Even Masters are made through Training, Exercise, Drills -> PRACTICE.

No one reading this is yet a Genius at Living in Sacred Light & Glory,
nor have any of us has fully Mastered Dancing with the Divine.

AND More Specifically:
BEYOND Belief – Ridiculous, Mind-blowing – YES, but ALSO, more usefully:
BEYOND Belief – Regardless of – Ideology, Background, Behavior, Baggage…

So let’s Learn More! Practice More! From INside-OUT.
This is SO Much Easier and Faster, Together. 

If I go to the GYM, I will work out; but if I go home, I won’t.
Come to the Soul GYM and get yourself in Gear.

Come give it a TRY
Play with us, have a good time – learn & practice new tricks!

FULLY ENGAGE  Prioritize Learning & Short Daily Practice
FULLY ENGAGE  Invest only a few hours/ week, and I PROMISE 
FULLY ENGAGE  Your Dance w/ Light & Darkness,
……………………………………………….will be Different in April!

Shy? you don’t Have to be seen or heard – but you can be!
Busy? participate in real time for at least one Meditation, receive Replays!

SIGN-UP & Come whenever you can throughout the month – if you miss, recieve Replays

I hope you are as Lightened by our March Intensive as I am!

A Taste of what is to come – More MARCH memes below, if you please.
You may know how I enjoy them!  (Hope you do too ; )

See you SOON!
Dancing with the Divine
email, phone/text: 206-853-8603

FYI – if you missed it
A bunch of us had a great chat – our first oneI
Hope you Enjoy! if you please
Living IN the FLOW of Sacred LOVE:
‘Dancing with the Divine: Beyond Belief’ CONVERSATION: 2 Feb 24

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