– Are you Open to your unique SOUL Journey?

– Are you Ready to Shift, but don’t know HOW?

– Are you willing to try something different, and Engage the CORE of what has stopped you?

Then Wendy can help you to: 

BE your TRUE self – who only you can be.
– Become more comfortable in your skin, fully embody who you are.
– While living a delicious life, with grace and ease

DO your Unique GENIUS – what only you can do.
– Bring your GIFTS to your world, make your IMPACT. 
– And have a good time doing it.

“Wendy has the ability to gently and lovingly assist you to move past the obstacles that have seemed insurmountable in your life.” 
– Debra Russell

Wendy specializes in equipping, supporting, inspiring individuals and groups to shift from the inside, out.  Where do you need leverage?
Personal Harmony,
Professional Vision,
Spiritual Adventure…

“Leveraging soul tools allows changes in life that would be otherwise unimaginable.”
– Ryan Glassmoyerhas been a professional

Wendy works below everyday consciousness, 
helping YOU to
Be-with, and
where you haven’t been able to be consciously engage before.

“Wendy’s abiding passion for soul deepening, healing, growth & presence make her a remarkable supporter for you on your unique journey.”
– Delia Yeager

Wendy has been professionally serving as a Transformation Facilitator since 2005.  
She has influenced thousands of people in:

1) Actively engaging their unique Soul Journey, as well as in 

2) Mastering Change: Choosing Conscious Creative ~Comfortable Shift

3) Aligning: on Purpose – learning and building muscle to FOCUS your Intention & Attention to:  
CENTER in yourself,
Orient & Collaborate with your SOURCE,
BLOSSOM into this Reality.

Wendy has been offering ONLINE personal sessions for years (and group offerings by request).  
She has worked extensively with a variety of folks IN-PERSON: 
in the USA: Seattle, NJ Shore, and Raleigh; 
in AU: Sydney; 
and other venues by request.

Please Schedule now. 
If you would like, you can keep reading:

Wendy says:

Everyone wants Progress 
Who wants to Change?

You want:
New, Better, Learning, Healing, Growth, Fruition, Transformation…
for yourself, for your team/ family, for our world?
Sounds Great.

Like it or Hate it: this means CHANGE 
And that is well and good for other people, 
but, not so very easy for me.  How about YOU?

And don’t even get me started about assisting others to shift, 
that’s a whole other level of challenge. 

Setting sail to our port of choice, and getting there!  
Even through the challenges which will arise, 
the workarounds, course corrections, jury rigging, restarts it may take. 

Can YOU Choose a new Direction, and arrive at your Destination?

We live in a world of CHANGE,
it’s the only constant, I’ve heard.
Can we learn to surf those changes, that just keep coming?
Instead of being pummeled into the sand by those waves?

The waves on the ocean shore, never, ever stop 
– like the Constant change that is the human experience. 
Can we not be pounded, excoriated, drowned by them?

Can YOU Ride the waves of Change, where you choose? 
These two skills 
1) Choosing a new Direction and Completing that Journey, and 
2) Riding the waves of Change, in ways that serve your goals;
are the foundations of Mastering Change 

Most of us want to Master Change,
and most of us aren’t there yet.
If ‘Just Do It!” and ‘Turn on a dime’ are easy for you, great.

For the rest of us, fortunately:
The SOUL TOOLS to help you in Mastering Change are foundational to what we offer.  

Our Process 
makes Purposeful Shifts Possible,
and eventually even elegant;
in places we couldn’t even perceive or access before.

Once we are in the ‘Mastering Change Process’ 
THEN we can begin to Align: on Purpose

Before this, we have no lever, we get no traction
in the Deep, Gnarly, Stuck Mess.
If we are not in the PROCESS of Mastering Change, we are dead in the water. 

Please be in touch to schedule. 

To be clear:
There are Many folks offering to help you 
rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic.

Sure, easy changes can be done.
With our work they are trivial. 

It’s the impossible changes, the deep gnarly, the gordion knots, the lifetime of SUFFERING, CRAZY MESS or just plain STUCK that I specialize in. 

When you are are ready to TURN the TITANIC, please be in touch.



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If you Really could Choose Change:
What would you DO?
Who would you BE?

Are you Ready to Live-into
BEing You? DOing Your thing?

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