When we find ourselves:
* out of Alignment with our unique way;
* out of Balance inside and outside;
* out of Rhythm with our pack…

It hurts.
It’s no fun.
It’s easy to believe we are the only ones…

But we aren’t alone.
And it doesn’t have to be this way!

There is so much hope, possibility available.
We can be ourselves, do our thing, make our difference…
In Rhythm, Balance, Alignment: on Purpose.

We really can shift.
Inside.  Outside.  
In our Relationships.  In our World.

Our lives really can change in the direction of our dreams.

We really can be the Change-Agents,
the Transformational Catalists we want to be,
in our work & our play,
in our families, our communities & our world…

It’s just that, up until now  – for most of us –
No one has showed us HOW!
And we haven’t Allowed & Practiced.

This is your invitation to learn, allow & practice.

When we are looking to
Overcome, Shift, Heal, Grow, Transform, Learn New Tricks…
enjoy Abundant Life, savor Victory… 
we can’t, if we don’t know How.

If we are unable to ‘just Do it’
life is just Happening to us, and there is nothing we can do about it.


Please know, when you are ready & willing,
you can be able to SHIFT,
A NEW Life is Possible.

When you are willing to try something extraordinary,
to Allow & Practice breakthrough inner technology:

We will equip, support & inspire you to:
Choose Conscious, Creative, Comfortable Change

We have consistently found,
when we Develop our inner wisdom & resources
and Leverage inner levers, utilizing Soul Tools
We Playfully Invite Sustainable Empowered Creativity,
from the inside-out.

The innovative soul system we offer: The ACTIVE in/out Process
is a set of inner practices
that consistently ushers:

a new level of consciousness,
a more malleable identity,
creative comfortable ways of being and doing…
within our reach.

The innovative soul system we offer: The ACTIVE in/out Process
makes Purposeful Change Possible,
and eventually even elegant;
in places we couldn’t even perceive or access before.

You can:

– Become more comfortable in your skin, fully embody who you are.

– Make the unique impact in your world, that Only You can make.

– While living a delicious life, with grace and ease…

(OR whatever you please ; )

If you really could Powerfully Choose Change:

What would you DO?
Who would you BE?

Are you willing to
Take the next step?
Take this opportunity and run with it?

DOing what it takes to
BEing that person?
Living that Life?


Hear from some Soul Players,
who also happen to be Entrepreneurs:

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Wendy R Wolf a Transformation Facilitator since 2005,
has been supporting, equipping, inspiring folks like you,
to Align: on Purpose…
– Overcome friction, enjoy Freedom & Growth;
– Unveil unique BEing, Explore inspired DOing;
– Transform, Bloom, Shine, come to Fruition, share Brilliance.


“I am continually Allowing & Practicing
change, shift, transition
– on Purpose, into Alignment –
with ease and grace.

It is hard for me, still!
But not nearly as hard as it used to be!!

Back at the turn of the millennium,
I was super Stuck, and super Sick.

Mostly in bed, usually house-bound, unable to work, in extreme pain,
looking at death…
No one I turned to, Nothing I did, led in a positive direction
– only STUCK or DOWN.

This went on for Years.
So I Really Needed REAL Help.
It took me awhile, but I am grateful to report:

I found what I was looking for!
And now, I am savoring beyond my wildest dreams,
truly I am living Life, Abundantly!

It wasn’t easy.
It wasn’t just ‘take a pill’.
It took dedication. It took time.

It took going to the core of what stopped me
– layer after layer –
and dealing with it.

But, I did it!
… I’m still doing it

The soul tools made it possible.
And I chose to use them.

From the beginning, until today:
Each step I took, life got lighter, easier;
I got healthier, feeling younger
– this continues.


Of course I have been excited to shared what I have found with others.
Amazingly, their lives have shifted
– and also continue to blossom in their unique ways – from the inside out.

I am passionate about sharing this practice and all it makes possible,
with you.”

Wendy R Wolf

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We hope you have enjoyed a taste of what is possible.

If you Really could Choose Change:
What would you DO?
Who would you BE?

Are you Ready to Live-into
BEing You? DOing Your thing?

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