Are you Ready to Choose Conscious Creative ~Comfortable Shift?

We are drawn forward by:
 * a world-changing vision to parent into the world,
 * a vital project that requires more than we have to give,
 * a delicious life we are hungry for, but is just out of reach…

and yet… We are pulled back:
Stuck, Stopped, Suffering, Friction, Resistance… 

Are you Ready to Change your Relationship with Change? 

– Are you being tossed and tumbled by so many shifts?
Learn to surf the continuous waves.

– Do you or your team need to directly focus for results?
Transform in the direction you desire.

– Will you choose to 
Engage with the CORE of what has pulled you back?
Do what’s effective… and confronting.
Receive the fruit of so much fertilizer.

but HOW do we BE this, DO this?

Here at ‘BEing the Change’: 

– We specialize in levering CHANGE from the inside, out.  We can equip, support, and inspire you to SHIFT your Consciousness, from a firm foundation, to BE THE CHANGE YOU CHOOSE.

– We provision and train you to utilize effective internal levers – Soul Tools, which work below your everyday consciousness.  Enabling YOU to
Be-with, Transform 
where you haven’t been able to be consciously engage before. 

Assisting you to be comfortably empowered, to: 

BE your TRUE self – who only you can be.
– Comfortable in your skin, fully embodied to show up as who you are
– While living a juicy life, with grace and ease

DO your Unique GENIUS – what Only you can offer.
– Bring your GIFTS to your world, make your IMPACT. 
– And savor the process and results.

Are you Ready to Invest in the Fruit
of your OWN Mastering Change Practice?

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Where could this kind of leverage serve your life?

What could you expect when working with Wendy?

Wendy R Wolf, a Transformation Facilitator since 2005,
is the founder of ‘BE the Change’, and the Lead Coach & Trainer.
You can read a bit About Wendy & her work, here.  

More importantly, what do clients say?

                    You can Explore more client experiences here.                   

Wendy says:
These two skills sets are foundational
in our Practice of Mastering Change:

1) Riding the waves of Change, in ways that serve your life & your world.
2) Choosing a new Direction; Transforming as you Realize your Goals.

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The Mastering Change Process: our Practice of Shift

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