Our Work As Soul Creators

Each person works on his own pillar, until one day the temple will be built. Max Zeller: Memory of C.G. Jung: ” When I was in Zurich in 1949, the first time after the war, I was terribly occupied with the question, “What am I doing as an analyst?” With the overwhelming problems in the […]

The Blessing of Truth/ ‘BEing with what IS’, and the incredible leverage of this deep in our Souls

What do I mean by Spiritual Truth / ‘BEing with what IS’, and how this blesses us?andHow does this relate to? Trust, Validation, Wholeness, Gratefulness, Forgiveness… Here are some examples: We live in a cornucopia of Grace: In our Souls: we ARE and we HAVE Enough! We can OPEN to this experince. We can let-go […]

Soul Tools / Meditation Workshop Series: Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease…

Online & in Ballard Starting January 21, 2018 Intro to these energies at previous post: Consciously Savor Goodness & Blessings – within ourselves, and with our world:..Start your New Year IN Goodness,Care-for yourself along the way… Allow, Invite yourself to– BE filled-with, and– Overflow with Blessings for all those around you:Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease… Allow […]

It’s been a tough year! Let’s do the New Year differently!

Blessed New Year! dear Friends, . It has been such an intense year – politically, socially, energetically, for many of us personally… and now we are through the Holy Days – lovely, and also intense for many of us ; ) . Many are in Darkness in Resistance living-through: ‘there is something wrong here, and […]

Everyday Modern Mystics – starting soon!

. Are you Crazy About God? Are you a Mystic? Do you want to be? . If so, come play in Community (Available wherever you Live!) Learn together  Share wisdom and experience, Support each other and Spread this wonderful infection of: Devotion-to God and experience-of the Presence & Love of our Living God. . I am wildly […]

Consciously Savor Goodness & Blessings – within ourselves, and with our world

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA, I would like to share: I am a Big fan of Gratefulness. It is ridiculous how much there is to be Grateful for and about – when I bother to notice. From my Soul Perspective, energetically; I see Gratefulness as ONE of the Powerful Places to Stand, to […]

The book begins: Crazy About God: A Modern Mystic Adventure

Hey Friends, I am excited to share I am finally starting my first book! 2 weeks ago, my friend Debra was coaching me, and she noticed that it would be a useful exercise for me to write a book. Eeek. I have been writing a long time, on several different subjects, but she encouraged me […]

Healing Circle: Let there be Peace on Earth, and let it begin with Me

Saturday, October 14, 2017Ballard Hi Friends, Today is the Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace.Tonight, come BE peace together,share our food, music, and our hearts & souls, Let’s open to new ways of BEing Peacefor ourselves, our families, our communities, our country and our world. We plan to eat, drink, play,enjoy breath, singing, sage healing,prayer, reflection, […]

BE the Captain of your Life: Practical Soul Tools for Spiritual Warriors

Start Tuesday, September 27, 2016Ballard or Online Receive a taste of this practice – before you start – for only $35 – see Change your Soul Agreements, Change your Life! (Practical Soul Tools Workshop) (https://www.meetup.com/Seattle-Spiritual-Community/) Know someone who is Ready, and willing to be Equipped and Empowered to Shift their lives – from the Inside-out: […]