Some of the things I learned about Jesus & some of the difference he made for me

Below is a continuation of this previous post
Jesus & ‘his People’: A small share about a Big Challenge in my Journey with Jesus

In my process of direct Relationship with Jesus,
continually cleansed of other’s BS,
I have experienced:

  • many blessings, as well as losses;
  • multitudes of insights, as well as shifts of perspective;
  • much freedom to be/ do authentically, as well as discovering inner discipline…

But what is relevant in This conversation is, I discovered:

  • the best friend I could ever hope for – to talk-to and play-with,
  • a model & mentor, spiritual teacher & guide extraordinaire,
  • and most importantly, someone who I can Resonate-with and Learn-from in my soul
    monkey-see, monkey-do: Connect-with Spiritually, beyond words & concepts.

Jesus Mastered BEing (and DOing) as Spirit in Body.
And he shares his Gifts and Perspective with me  – and most importantly:
Jesus Spiritually shows me How to be/do Spirit Embodied, in my own unique way.

Yup, I have found that he Rocks!
Jesus is da Bomb!

I am DEEPLY grateful to him – for who he IS as well as
for helping me – in weird & wonderful, unexpected – sometimes annoying – ways;
to walk my unique path – to be who I am and do what I do –  now.

And what a long, strange trip it has been.
I didn’t always enjoy the Journey, but OH do I Savor the Fruit!

LIFE, Abundantly, Overflowing.

The LIGHT is Always Available within
– no Matter what is happening in my life and world.

I don’t have to CHASE around outside myself Anymore
– for the Truth, the Love, the Oneness, Wholeness, I used to CRAVE.

I always felt like a square peg in a round hole, never fish nor fowl, I didn’t FIT.
Now I viscerally BELONG to Heaven & Earth, part of the Dance of Life.
And most of the time: I feel like I Belong,
wherever I go, whoever I’m with (whether they like me or not 😉

After a whole lot of decades of, as U2 sings:
I still haven’t found what I’m lookin’ for!
I have FOUND what I was looking for
– while playfully soul learning, growing More.

So, of course, I’d like to SHARE the LEVERS that helped along in my Journey with Jesus.
Are you curious?
As I Center my ministry on inspiring & provisioning a deeper Dance with the Divine,
this December (including Advent)I’m so blessed to direct focus and intention
with a Daily INTENSIVE to Delve into soul playing & communicating,
intending a snowball-effect in Spiritual relationship with Jesus.This is my vision, I hope you come Dance & Play:
DECEMBER INTENSIVE: Dancing with the Divine with Master Jesus

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