Overwhelmed! Are you uncomfortable with your Soul Senses and Abilities?

Are you uncomfortable with your soul senses and abilities?overwhelmed with your soul information? unable to comfortably & safely hold your energetic boundaries? For example: 1) overwhelmed and drowning in others’ emotions & problems – basically, untrained in clairsentience (Empath – see Empowered Empaths) and especially in OWNing your own Space. 2) overwhelmed and uncomfortable: perceiving […]

Flourish! as an Empowered Sustainable Healer, Helper, Giver, Lover…

Most of us are Big Healers, Helpers, Givers, Lovers Not just Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Energy Healers – but Mothers, Assistants and Executives We all make a big difference in our interactions, and how we assist others all day long. Most of us are GIVING all day! HOW do we Be FULL at the end […]