Some Old Interviews

Private Interviews with GretchenW, Summer 2014: What is Teleios? And Overview of Vision & Offerings These play in the following order:Hello Interviews – getting to know Wendy & get a taste for her work, with TimC, Spring 2014: Being Our Potential Learning By Playing Mother Nature’s Influence Cooking, Wisdom, And Intuition Matching Ascended Masters Radio […]

Testimonials: Deepening in the Path of Jesus (for ‘Rock Your World’ class)

My meditations have been prayer in a different form. By closing my eyes and placing myself into a truly un-distracted state, I am able to have a deeper connection with God, where I reflect and seek clarity on different aspects of my life.– Katie McCoy, NJ Shore Wendy,First off, thank you sooooo much for yet another amazing, fruitful, […]

Your Adventure with Master Jesus (‘Rock Your World’ class)

You can enjoy opening to: – Deepen in Relationship Directly with Jesus.– Allow a present-time relationship with Jesus, and Clear your blocks to comfortable relationship with him.– Collaborate with Jesus and allow him to dance with you on your own unique path. You can allow your life to shift, by:– Energetically learning from Jesus to: raise your vibration, […]