Welcome Spring; Welcome New Life, Abundantly!

With some interruptions for snow (only once this whole Winter)
and some cold-snaps, 
Spring has been springing here in NC, for a couple months
– wild but true! 

So Now, many trees are in full flower, many trees have buds,
some fully flowering…
AND some trees, bushes, etc still look like Winter!

AND there is nothing wrong!  
Each in their own way, in their own time…

It’s fascinating, and a sweet metaphor:

-> For our our unique Individual Lives
Different parts of our experience and our capacities mature,
come to fruition, much earlier than others.

And there is nothing wrong!  
Each part of us in its own way, its own time grows up.


For our Collective Lives, all of  humanity.
Different people, places, cultures…  seem ahead or behind
or on a whole different journey of learning different things,
growing in particular ways, transforming, coming to fruition…

AND there is nothing wrong!  
Each one in our own way, our own time…

We are all on our unique personal – as well as collective – journey to our Full Expression
(My favorite Greek word used in the Christian Bible is Teleios
– having made the step by step journey to our maturity, revealing our ultimate totality)

How that looks, how we work it out, how long it takes…
is ok, all right, just right -> GOOD.

We learn to walk by falling down.  

Can we let this new learning, 
this new way of being and doing
naturally, grace-fully happen?

I have found trying to PUSH or telling myself that “I/ They/ It should be there already!!!”
doesn’t help, it usually slows down the process!

The New Life that we Are;
The Abundant Blessings that we are, do, enjoy, share…
Are here,
like the oak already in the acorn  
-AND are being unveiled.

We are unfolding.
ALL of LIFE is unfolding.
Each in own own way, in our own time…
There is nothing wrong!  

We learn to walk by falling down
This is the Only Way we learn to walk.

May we each savor – ever deeper –
the process, the practice, the time and space
that our healing learning, growing, blossoming…  requires.

It is Good.

Welcome Spring;  
Welcome New Life, Abundantly!

This is my experience.
What is yours?  

I would love to hear.  
Please share below,
and/or join this Facebook convo, if you please.

in Life!
: ) Wendy


1 thought on “Welcome Spring; Welcome New Life, Abundantly!”

  1. .
    I have been noticing the Peter Principle a lot lately:
    that we rise to the level of our incompetence.

    Certainly I can see this in me, and my life, and everywhere I look!

    I used to think the Peter Principle
    was a terrible way to look at people, discouraging, mean
    But now, it just seems True

    I believe each of us are up against something

    we have mastered what we can master,
    we have overcome, become proficient, taken the helm – where we can, so far
    we are stopped or we are working it though

    the next step is the tough one, for us

    this is the new,
    the fleeing Egypt,
    the wandering in the wilderness,
    the owning of the promised land…

    we are learning, growing, healing, transforming, overcoming…
    soul journeying

    birthing something New
    that was not possible before, for us, for the world…

    As I enjoy quoting
    which may be something Einstein said,
    “You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”

    I would say, not just see,
    but BE different – a new consciousness, identity…

    From here we can more easily see & do, think & feel – different.

    this is the new.
    and IMOe, we are all up against it.

    the Peter Principal came to my consciousness after – IDK – decades when I read someone say the other day
    it isn’t our incompetence which we are stuck-on,
    it is our fear

    we rise to the level of our fear

    then we stop, trip, get stuck…

    the next step, after that,
    can be as tough as all the ones before it combined.

    can we take that step?


    I just did a quick search, and realized that I heard the thing about Peter and Fear from the inspirational Seth Godin ; )

    I read that in this article, which touches on many relevant points in this convo, in a human way, from my perspective


    what say you, friends?
    hugs -w

    *** I wrote post when thinking about this convo on FB, a copy of this blog:

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