When Challenges undermine our Personal Harmony, it can look like:

– Brokenness
– Chronic or Acute Illness/ Injury
– Addictions, Compulsions, self-Harm, life spinning out of Control

– Communication and Connection Challenges
– Relational Tumult – conflict or extreme unmet needs around Partners, Children, Parents, Friends
– Sexual Strain – unmet needs, boundaries, processing trauma,

– Extreme Mental/Emotional Pressure – PTSD, etc
– Repeating thoughts, Overwhelming Emotions – including Pain, Fear, Shame, Grief, unForgiveness,
– Intense Issues around weight/ body image

– Identity Crossroads –  Loss of a Partner, Sexual/ Gender Awakening, Remembering past Trauma, Shifts in Beliefs, Religion, Spiritual experience…
– We call it “Mid-life Crisis” – but, at any age, we can start to question:
– – why am I here?
– – what is my purpose?
– – what are my true values and the optimal way for me to live?

None of this is bad, wrong, but it is uncomfortable, challenging…
You do want to know you are investing your life well;
Heading toward the legacy/ contribution you choose.
Becoming Conscious, and shifting, which is (ultimately) a gift.

Conscious Soul Creativity:

Active Meditation – Practice your direct Soul Experience, Opening more deeply to your soul Receptivity: ‘Be still and know’; as well as your soul Agency: Communication, Nourishment, Creativity…  

Soul Counseling – Allowing the transformation of your life from the inside out, utilizing your specific concerns as a lever.

All this is Healing – BEing Who we ARE, DOing what only we can: Teleios: Soul rEvolution – Heal, Grow, Shine – BEing your Potential.    one, two, three, and maybe check this out

IN / OUT Adventures – Awesome Retreats in Amazing places: play, learn, share. Gently Push your Edge: within, and in our world, together.

Graceful Soul – Conscious Creativity & Empowerment Academy for Soul Adventurers. Supporting Soul Readers, Healers, Creators & Leaders (including Teachers, Facilitators, Coaches…) to BE yourself, DO your Genius, Bring Your IMPACT. In-depth development of your unique Soul Senses & Abilities, and SO much more!

Sample applications: 


Empowered Empaths
– Enjoy your own experience, be informed by others’,
– Releasing suffering & overwhelm,
– Effectively assisting others while allowing yourself to Thrive.
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BEing the Love you Want
– Yearning for Connection?
– Intimate Relationship?
Receive within, what you are hungry, striving-for outside yourself!


Surviving 2 Thriving!
Ways THROUGH intense Darkness/ Heaviness,
Faster and easier than it might otherwise be.
Getting to the core of Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Suicidal Ideation…
Alleviating the effects of Trauma, Abuse, Victim experiences; Chronic Illness, Injury, Pain…
“Life doesn’t have to be This Hard, for This Long.”
Can you consider the possibility that Freedom, Power, Joy – Life – is possible?


BE Captain of your Life: Soul Sovereignty – Playing your Own Game;  Taking the Helm – Overcoming Victim Patterns, Living your Vision – from the Inside, Out

  • Are you trying to get something Done?  
    Do you have a Project, a Calling that requires you to Overcome the places that you have been stuck… forever?
  • Are you Ready to Manifest your Unique Destiny,
    but to get from here to there, you must Release all the crap that has stopped you?
  • Are you Done being a Victim,
    and want to learn how to live a Victorious life?
  • Are you Ready to be who you Really Are, do what you are here to do?  
  • one application: OWNing Your Voice! Daring to Stand and Speak Your Truth, Sing your Beauty more here