Our Work As Soul Creators

Each person works on his own pillar, until one day the temple will be built. Max Zeller: Memory of C.G. Jung: ” When I was in Zurich in 1949, the first time after the war, I was terribly occupied with the question, “What am I doing as an analyst?” With the overwhelming problems in the […]

Welcome Spring; Welcome New Life, Abundantly!

With some interruptions for snow (only once this whole Winter) and some cold-snaps, Spring has been springing here in NC, for a couple months – wild but true!  So Now, many trees are in full flower, many trees have buds, some fully flowering… AND some trees, bushes, etc still look like Winter! AND there is nothing wrong!  Each in […]

Myths and Stories of Power with Starhawk, Bill Aal and Elle McSharry

Sunday, November 8, 2015The Blue House Our imaginations lead us through life and collectively guide our societies and cultures into the future.How and what we imagine can either make us rigid or resilient in the face of challenge and struggle. Spend a unique day with Starhawk, Bill Aal and Elle McSharry in the imaginal realm […]

Flourish! as an Empowered Sustainable Healer, Helper, Giver, Lover…

Most of us are Big Healers, Helpers, Givers, Lovers Not just Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Energy Healers – but Mothers, Assistants and Executives We all make a big difference in our interactions, and how we assist others all day long. Most of us are GIVING all day! HOW do we Be FULL at the end […]