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Monthly Intensives: Various flavors of Dancing with the Divine!


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Living IN Sacred BEAUTY

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Archimedes said:
“Give me a solid place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.”
Learn to BE & DO this, in your own Soul.

I look forward to playing together at one of our upcoming drop-ins/ introductory public offerings.

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in Life, Wendy..

PS: Read more about what to expect in ACTIVE Meditation!.


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Wendy R Wolf

Though her writing & web-casts
and more deeply through Live on-line & in-person Interactive
SOUL Exploration, Learning & Delicious Delving;

Wendy R Wolf has inspired and equipped thousands
of Soul Adventurers like you, to BLOOM: bring OUT the Gift IN you!

She is a deeply trained, widely experienced,
Passionate & Dedicated:

SOUL/ Mystic/ Psychic/ Seer
Healer/ Transformation/ Development & Growth
Trainer/ Mentor/ Coach/ Counselor

A lifetime Mystic, called as a ‘Healer Becoming’ in 1995.
Deepening-in & Developing the Soul Practice she shares, since 2002.
Professionally serving individuals & groups, in-person & on-line since 2005.

Check out what some folks have to say.

Wendy shows you HOW to:
Perceive (What IS & what’s Possible), Choose & Act
BELOW Everyday Consciousness
SOUL SHIFT – from Inside, OUT

With the Intention of Equipping you to
Come to SOUL Teleios, Wholeness, Maturity:
* become the Oak hidden in the Acorn
* walk your Unique Way: from Inside-OUT
Wendy provides you with a comfortable on-ramp
to facilitating your unique Journey Within.

With a proven Process:
* You will find value, regardless of your spiritual / religious background or meditation training.
* IF you have passion for your spiritual deepening or soul expansion, and are willing to SOUL PLAY! / apply yourself within / access your sacred imagination & natural creativity, you can:

OVERCOME what has held you back;
Become who you really are: BE You, DO You;
Come to FRUITION in your world, make your IMPACT.

SHARE Sacred Beauty with your world
Behold & Reflect: SHINE your Spiritual Essence: Love, Life, Truth…
in Your Unique Way.

REALize Your Purpose/ Potential/ Talents/ Sacred Dreams
Manifest Meaning in Your Life.

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