Dancing with the Divine: LOVE & LIFE, Overflowing in us & into our world

I desire to… (what about you?)

  • BE Aligned with my Source, delight in Light (while Firmly ensconced in this Reality)
  • Behold, in Awe; and Reflect that Glory, for the world to imbibe
  • Play in the ever-expanding waves of Oneness, the Love

I desire to… (what about you?)

  • BE Soul Mature. Evolve into Fullness, Maturity, Fruition – Teleios
  • Dance with the Divine, in my own Unique Way, inside and outside myself
  • Invite every aspect of my body, mind, life to Realize Wholeness, Completeness

I desire to… (what about you?)

  • BE the Change I want to see in the world, from the inside, out
  • Consciously Connect, honoring and delighting-in All My Relations
  • Inspire & assist others to be & do these kinds of blessings, each in our own way

If you resonate with any of this,
of course in your own way, words and paradigms:

Let’s explore these possibilities together: 
Delve into Soul Experience – Senses, Gifts & Fruit. 

I have found (and developed) soul tools and perspectives
which I and thousands of others have found useful in our own Journeys.

I offer private sessions,
which depending on what’s needed, can be called something like:
– Soul Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Meditation Coaching, and
– Deep Healing for things like Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Addiction;
Challenges with Abuse, Trauma, Anger, Suicidal Ideation…

Meanwhile, I have a new Group Offering, NOW.
This time each year, my focus is on LOVE.
Please come as my Guest. 

My group-work is best-suited for folks like you.
There will be a strong helping of the Valentine vibe in this offering:
Romance… and how it doesn’t save us from ourselves – drat.

Daily offerings will inquire into essentials for your own Journey.
Participate as it serves you.

The final workshop, is the reason I am writing this to you.
It will be a small taste of what I really DO,
and what is possible in the practices I share.

It is my most popular workshop ever: BEing the Love you Want.
Come participate – any day that draws you
– certainly, I hope to see you on the final day, on Saturday, March 6th.

Thanks for Playing!

Here is the info:

Come as my Guest, register here

Sunday Feb 28 – Saturday March 6th
 ‘Journey into LOVE’ Intensive

Invest in your Self:  Share, Learn, Heal, Shift
… Deepen into More:
  • Intimacy, Belonging, Connection
  • Self-Acceptance, Inner Value, Owning your Worth
  • Community, Soul Deepening, Action
Come as my Guest, register here

 a Sufi Master, in ‘Music of the Soul’

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