GIFT: December Devotions: Dancing with the Divine

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Had Enough Holiday Cacophony?
Please Come Enjoy this GIFT:

Come to the Quiet:  December Devotions
Come as our Guest: Dancing with the Divine
Come only an Hour: ROCK your World, from the Inside, Out

December (EST = NY time in USA):

  • Fri 10th 6pm EST  (Sat 9am in Sydney)
  • Sat 18th 10am EST  (Sat 4pm in Cape Town)
  • Sun 26th 1pm EST  (Sun 5pm in London)
  • Thrz 30th 8:30pm EST  (Fri 8:30am in Perth)

Experience ONEness:

1) DEEPEN IN Spirit w/ Simple, Structured Meditation.
Play within as you please, mostly quiet.
Connect w/ Heaven & Earth. Receive Blessings. Find REST.


2) CONNECT with a variety of like-hearted folks:
Short shares w/ others, at the beginning & end.
You don’t have to be Alone in your Unique Journey.
Discover Commonality, receive VALIDATION.



1) Try it!
Just come: ZOOM Invitation Page OR  Read more/ sign-up
2) Like it?
Let me know what timing serves you, I’ll schedule more in New Year.


You are Invited, regardless of Spiritual, Religious, or Meditation Background.
New?  Step-into New & Learn.  Experienced? Assist & Continually Deepen.
NEW to this practice? You must be present when we begin.

Each Meditation session, we utilize a few Soul Tools & Practices. 
that internally equip us to be supported by Heaven & Earth,
in our Own Unique Soul Dance with the Divine.

We will sit quietly in chairs for most of the hour.
You’re invited to briefly share your experience/ questions, at beginning & end.

Please plan to arrive 5 min early and stay 5 min late. 
for comfortable transitions, and a focused hour together.

Come as our Guest.
If you would like to support this ministry: here is Donation info.

I look forward to seeing you soon!
Dancing with the Divine

 ZOOM Invitation Page