Framework to Inspire a Soul Leadership Conversation

Audiobook Excerpt: Michael E Gerber: Finale of The eMyth Enterprise, chapter 9 . I was inspired by this, so I taped it to share with you. I hope you enjoy this 26 minute audio while driving, cooking, stargazing… Not that I AGREE with it all, btw. But I believe it is an interesting framework; Rich […]

Our Work As Soul Creators

Each person works on his own pillar, until one day the temple will be built. Max Zeller: Memory of C.G. Jung: ” When I was in Zurich in 1949, the first time after the war, I was terribly occupied with the question, “What am I doing as an analyst?” With the overwhelming problems in the […]

Welcome Spring; Welcome New Life, Abundantly!

With some interruptions for snow (only once this whole Winter) and some cold-snaps, Spring has been springing here in NC, for a couple months – wild but true!  So Now, many trees are in full flower, many trees have buds, some fully flowering… AND some trees, bushes, etc still look like Winter! AND there is nothing wrong!  Each in […]

We are Birthing Something…

Many of us feel like everything is falling apart, we are going backward, things are getting worse.   I believe we are birthing something new,we are going forward, things are progressing. But for many of us it FEELS worse, it LOOKS worse!And this is just true.Death. Then re-birth. SO, it is challenging, we are experiencing a […]

About Wendy as a Healer

“Wendy was called as a Healer in 1995.She has been Inspiring, Coaching, Mentoring, Training… Equipping, Empowering and helping to Heal, Grow & Transform: Soul Healers, Leaders and Transformation Agents, since 2005.‘ That sounds so straightforward, simple, clean.It really, really was not any of those things – it still isn’t. Supporting people to become themselves and […]

Rooted and Flowing in Blessings and Healing w/ Mother Mary: Healing Circle April 19, 2020

Come as our Guest.Please sign-up now:monthly Healing Circle April 19: 3 – 5 pm EDT As it serves you: In-person in North Raleigh AND Online/Phone via Zoom  Come all, far and near: The focus of our first Monthly Healing & Transformation Support Circle:Soul Connection & Inviting Flow: Rooted and Flowing in Blessings & Healing w/ […]

Resting in Truth, BEing with What IS, Workshop with Mother Mary as our Guide – Online/Phone, Saturday, February 29, 2020

Experience, Heal, Overflow in the blessing of Acceptance:you are Enough, they are Enough, it is Enough. (Register here) This workshop is Open to All; and specifically Focused for Mystics – those who are Dancing with the Divine, open to Soul Senses … or want to be! In this workshop, we say hello to the wonderful […]

Delight in the Deliciousness you Desire – Online/Phone Workshop: Fri, Feb 28, 2020

(Register here) Tap into an Endless Supply of Love:Discover, Savor and Transformin the unique flavor of Love that you are hungry-for. Utilizing powerful inner tools and Active Meditation, we will invite our past experiences of (as well as future desires for) Connections, Relationships, Experiences to be a Doorway; to our Direct Experience of Oneness – […]

Goodbye Struggle & Darkness; Hello Love & Beauty: Workshop N. Raleigh; Sun, Feb 16th

(ready to Register?) ‘Learning to Shift’ Workshop: Inviting Connection, from the Inside-Out. Utilizing powerful inner tools, we will be putting our attention here: Freedom to BE yourself, BE with others, BE with what IS. Permission & Practices to Release the blocks & heaviness that keep you from Fully Realizing Connection, Intimacy, Belonging, Love. Sunday, February […]

Invite Safe Comfortable Connections to Bloom – Charlotte Workshop, Thur, Feb(02) 20, 2020

Empowerment, Healthy Boundaries, and Space for your Soul to Dance with Love (ready to Register?) Thursday, February(02) 20, 2020 Workshop 6:30-8:30pm; Doors open 6 – 9pm.Charlotte – Receive address when you Register. This workshop is Open to All In this workshop we will be tuning into: Structures and support, personal power and free will to […]