Goodbye Struggle & Darkness; Hello Love & Beauty: Workshop N. Raleigh; Sun, Feb 16th

(ready to Register?) ‘Learning to Shift’ Workshop: Inviting Connection, from the Inside-Out. Utilizing powerful inner tools, we will be putting our attention here: Freedom to BE yourself, BE with others, BE with what IS. Permission & Practices to Release the blocks & heaviness that keep you from Fully Realizing Connection, Intimacy, Belonging, Love. Sunday, February […]

Invite Safe Comfortable Connections to Bloom – Charlotte Workshop, Thur, Feb(02) 20, 2020

Empowerment, Healthy Boundaries, and Space for your Soul to Dance with Love (ready to Register?) Thursday, February(02) 20, 2020 Workshop 6:30-8:30pm; Doors open 6 – 9pm.Charlotte – Receive address when you Register. This workshop is Open to All In this workshop we will be tuning into: Structures and support, personal power and free will to […]

Relishing Intimacy, with All your Relations – Online/Phone Workshop; Sat, Feb 22, 2020

Becoming more (selectively) available for connection that is tenderly realized in your Body Experience (ready to Register?) Saturday, February 22nd Workshop 6:15- 8:15pm; Online: 6 – 8:30 pm EST. (see bottom of info page for ’round the world time translations) Online/Phone – Links will be sent to you when you Register. This workshop is Open […]

Experiencing Oneness in our Soul, Workshop with Master Jesus as our Guide – Online/Phone Monday, February 24, 2020

(ready to Register?) The Blessing of Affinity Deepening your heart Connection,with ALL your Relations:Abba and Jesus, earth and heaven, yourself and your body; those close to you and All Living Beings. Monday, February 24th Workshop 4:15-6:15 pm; Online: 4-6:30 pm EST.(see bottom of info page for ’round the world time translations)Online/Phone – Links will be […]

Fully Realize Love in yourself, your body, your life, your world; w/ Master Jesus as our Guide – Cary Workshop, Tuesday, March 3, 2020

(ready to Register?) If you are willing to Dance with Maser Jesus – in present time, in your soul – and if you Really want to get some traction: Come learn to utilize powerful inner tools; and let it all be so much easier, with Master Jesus. AND we will put our attention here: 3 […]

The Blessing of Truth/ ‘BEing with what IS’, and the incredible leverage of this deep in our Souls

What do I mean by Spiritual Truth / ‘BEing with what IS’, and how this blesses us?andHow does this relate to? Trust, Validation, Wholeness, Gratefulness, Forgiveness… Here are some examples: We live in a cornucopia of Grace: In our Souls: we ARE and we HAVE Enough! We can OPEN to this experince. We can let-go […]

Heal, Overcome: Climb from Darkness into Light

Heal into Light or, in the common vernacular: Climb Up from the Crap!       Many of us are challenged in: growing beyond our childhood, getting over our Past; creating a new future after trauma, break-up, illness, injury; rising-up and dusting ourselves off after we fall down; keeping going, after a pile of crap fell on us – […]

Developing Real Relationships w/ Real People: Camille and Wendy

I hope you enjoy this audio attached below. Camille and I talk about the value of investing in real Relationships with real people (and a lot more ; ) As well a bit about Camille‘s background her work as Founder of The Natural Life Business Partnershipas well as her excitement as a PSYCH-K facilitator. And […]

Some Old Interviews

Private Interviews with GretchenW, Summer 2014: What is Teleios? And Overview of Vision & Offerings   These play in the following order:Hello Interviews – getting to know Wendy & get a taste for her work, with TimC, Spring 2014: Being Our Potential Learning By Playing Mother Nature’s Influence Cooking, Wisdom, And Intuition Matching Ascended Masters […]