Please Come & Bring Friends: ‘Sacred LOVE: Beyond Belief’ CONVERSATION tomorrow

In about 24 hours, I’m offering a new kind of gathering.
Up until now – I’ve only offered introduction to meditation & more.

But, sometimes it helps to be able to ask questions,
learn more about the process and particulars;
hear stories and personal shares about challenges & results…

So, I’m planning a hang-out at the beginning of each month,
with a different friend (this month Katie)
and a different focus (this month LOVE)

Of course, you are very welcome to participate! (only if you please), and I would Really appreciate if you could SHARE this opportunity with a few friends!

Here is some Basic info:

THIRSTY for your Life Different & Love FULFILLED?  Come as our Guest for a TASTE of:  Living IN Sacred LOVE:  Beyond Belief – February INTENSIVE – Learn more:

***FRIDAY 2nd 7pm eastern time (USA) – REPLAY Available – The CONVERSATION – Come Hear about HOW we do this, INSPIRATION & INSIGHT -sign up

***SATURDAY 3rd 9am eastern time (USA) – More throughout the month & REPLAYs Available –  The PRACTICE – Come begin LEARNing & PRACTICing HOW, so you can Live & Love Differently: FULFILLED – sign up


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