FEBRUARY 2024 Intensive: ‘Living IN Sacred LOVE’ Your NEED met in your SOUL – Regardless of Relationship

FEBRUARY 2024 Intensive: 

‘Living IN Sacred LOVE’
Your NEED met in your SOUL
– Regardless of Relationship

BE & DO, Live & Give *IN* the FLOW of LOVE.
Full & Overflowing with the Deliciousness you’ve so often been THIRSTY-for.

The kind of LOVE that is REAL for You
– that’s Your Flavor & Meets Your Needs & Desires – from INside-OUT.

As LOVE-month begins, I invite you to participate:


‘Dancing with the Divine: Beyond Belief’

… Well, that Sounds Good, BUT HOW?

Are you are willing to Innovate: OPEN to NEW?
Play with Imaginative Perspectives & Possibilities?

My friend Katie & I will be honestly Sharing some of our own Experience,
as well as:

  • Responding to your Questions
  • Unpacking our PRACTICE of Savoring & Sharing LOVE
    and HOW & WHY this works for us, and many others.
  • Revealing WHAT we’re doing to Leverage SHIFT:
    Opening, Letting-Go & Letting-In…
I expect you will receive value
– something to serve your Life, and your experience of Love.

Shy? you don’t Have to be seen or heard – but you can be!

Even if you can’t make the date, sign-up & receive the Replay.
Come as our Guest this FRIDAY


‘Dancing with the Divine: Beyond Belief’

… Well, that Sounds Good, Show me HOW!

Just like most Everything in our Human Life,
Learning & Practice makes a huge difference in our RESULTS.

Even Geniuses are informed by what others find WORKS and doesn’t!
Others’ successes & failures: Standing on others’ shoulders -> LEARNING.

Even Masters are made through Training, Exercise, Drills -> PRACTICE.

No one reading this is a Genius at Love,
nor have any of us fully Mastered LOVE.

So let’s Learn More! Practice More! From INside-OUT.
This is SO Much Easier and Faster, Together. 

If I go to the GYM, I will work out; but if I go home, I won’t.
Come to the Soul GYM and get yourself in Gear.

Come give it a TRY
Play with us, have a good time – learn & practice new tricks!

FULLY ENGAGE Put this on your Calendar, Make it a priority. 

FULLY ENGAGE Only a couple hours per week & I Promise:
FULLY ENGAGE Life & Love will be Different in March!

Shy? you don’t Have to be seen or heard – but you can be!

Busy? participate in real time for at least one Meditation, receive Replays!

SIGN-UP & Come whenever you can throughout the month


Dancing with the Divine – Beyond Belief FEBRUARY Intensive BEGINS: 

Living IN Sacred LOVE

Gaining Mastery in Conscious Soul Connection

Playing to ‘WIN’ in the ‘Game of Love’, in the ways that matter most to you:
– Savoring & Sharing plenty of LOVE
– Attracting folks that REALly Resonate with You

Stop looking OUTside yourself, for what you need INside yourself
Come PLAY with like-hearted people,
learn & practice a NEW Way of BEing the LOVE you Want.

Come for a TASTE as my Guest:

The CONVERSATION – FRIDAY 2nd, 7pm Eastern Time USA

Seattle 4pm;  Chicago 6pm;  Saturday 3rd Johannesburg 2am;  Kathmandu 5:45am;  Sydney 11am

NEW? Sign-up  //  IF you are Already in Dancing with Divine – Utilize same ZOOM Link from January

The (first) PRACTICE – SATURDAY 3rd, 9 am Eastern Time USA

Seattle 6 am;  Chicago 8am;  Johannesburg 4pm;  Kathmandu 7:45pm;  Sunday 4th:  Sydney 1am

NEW?  Sign-up  //  IF you are Already Signed-up in Dancing w/Divine –  Utilize same ZOOM Link from Jan

in LIFE!
Dancing with the Divine
email, phone/text: 206-853-8603

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