December INTENSIVE: Investment

stay in the loop, receive all the details of this Adventure!

time, and money, and energy – oh my!

  • time
    feeling like you don’t have the space to devote a lot or at a particular time?

    • replays will be available for all group work, for folks who engage in this journey.
    • of course you can take advantage of this opportunity in your own way.
  • money
    feeling the strain on your budget, like you can’t handle another big investment?

    • this Month of Connection & 6 Meditations is by donation, as your soul leads.
    • this is a gift for YOU; not to add to your burdens. ANY size gift to support this ministry, is much appreciated.
  • energy
    feeling Exhausted, Overwhelmed?  SHY, not Enough, Vulnerable to Judgment?

    • you never Have to talk or be seen, you can come and go as you please.
      You are NOT Required you to do anything you don’t choose to do.
    • this online offering is Made for folks like you – I felt the same way when I started.
    • what we practice together can help you shift these concerns
    • our shared intention is Inclusive, and the foundations of our practice are:
      • Neutral (spirit-focused, non-judgmental & practicing equanimity)
      • Amused (playful & having a fun time, taking it all lightly)



stay in the loop, receive all the details of this Adventure!

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