Master life in a world of change

The ability to actually – deeply & widely – CHANGE, is available. The ability to more comfortably dance in a world in which CHANGE is constant,is available. The ability to inspire and empower others – your family, your team – to actively, consciously CHANGE,is available. Transformation, Learning, Growth, Evolution, Healing, Creation…IS CHANGE. Would you like […]

Overwhelmed! Are you uncomfortable with your Soul Senses and Abilities?

Are you uncomfortable with your soul senses and abilities?overwhelmed with your soul information? unable to comfortably & safely hold your energetic boundaries? For example: 1) overwhelmed and drowning in others’ emotions & problems – basically, untrained in clairsentience (Empath – see Empowered Empaths) and especially in OWNing your own Space. 2) overwhelmed and uncomfortable: perceiving […]

Soul Tools / Meditation Workshop Series: Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease…

Online & in Ballard Starting January 21, 2018 Intro to these energies at previous post: Consciously Savor Goodness & Blessings – within ourselves, and with our world:..Start your New Year IN Goodness,Care-for yourself along the way… Allow, Invite yourself to– BE filled-with, and– Overflow with Blessings for all those around you:Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease… Allow […]

It’s been a tough year! Let’s do the New Year differently!

Blessed New Year! dear Friends, . It has been such an intense year – politically, socially, energetically, for many of us personally… and now we are through the Holy Days – lovely, and also intense for many of us ; ) . Many are in Darkness in Resistance living-through: ‘there is something wrong here, and […]