Dancing with the Divine: Beyond Belief CONVERSATIONS

A new kind of gathering.
Up until now – I’ve only offered introduction to meditation & more.

But, sometimes it helps to be able to ask questions,
learn more about the process and particulars;
hear stories and personal shares about challenges & results…

So, I’m planning a hang-out at the beginning of each month,
chatting with a different friend and a different focus.

Of course, you are very welcome to participate! (only if you please),
and I would Really appreciate if you would
SHARE this opportunity with a few friends!

Here is some Basic info:

THIRSTY for your Life Different & Soul FULFILLED?
Come as our Guest for a TASTE of:
Living IN Sacred Blessings:  Beyond Belief – INTENSIVE

Sign-up! for  and then
Come Hear about HOW we do this, INSPIRATION & INSIGHT

Come begin LEARNing & PRACTICing HOW,
so you can Live & Interact with heaven & earth: Differently: FULFILLED.
So Much More throughout the month & REPLAYs Available.

Want to read more?

Welcome to ‘Dancing with the Divine’

  • Just Chatting with Wendy & a special Guest
    (and you – if you please)
  • Just a Tiny Taste of our inner Practice, at the beginning & end,
    so get an idea what we are talking about.
    (a couple of minutes, going within)

These Conversations are designed as an Introduction to our Perspective

  • You don’t have to know, do, say, believe, commit to anything
    Just Come and Join the Conversation – as our Guest.
  • You can be seen &/or heard on this Zoom Video, if you please, or not.
    Replays available whether you come or not.

This is an Opportunity for ALL to Comfortably, Easily:

  • Learn something New, perceive Different Perspectives
  • Ask Public Questions – that will serve all in this Introductory environment

The time is Very Short – this is Not the venue for

  • Long Personal Stories about your experiences or insights
  • Personal Questions/ Coaching/ Healing/ Assistance

For those who are Experienced in this Practice

  • I expect you will be served by the above.
  • Also, please enjoy your Own Practice in the background,
  • and Hold Sacred Space as you Engage with the conversation.

Mark your Calendar: Each month, a different Conversation,

  • Have you been WONDERING about the why & how & what…
    we are going on about in BLOOM: Bring OUT the Gift IN You?
  • Have you wanted to Learn & Grow – see New Different Perspectives,
    WITHOUT having to Come to a Practice Session/ Meditation?

This Semester, we’re Opening a new view, venue
for Questions & Answers; regarding:

Dancing with the Divine: Beyond Belief
Our Foundational Practice
Each month a different special Guest and a Different topic

  • Feb 2nd, FRIDAY 7-8pm Eastern – Living in Sacred Love
  • Mar 1st, FRIDAY 7-8pm Eastern – Living in Sacred Light & Glory
  • Apr 1st, MONDAY, 7-8pm Eastern  – Living in Sacred Identity 
  • May 1st, WEDNESDAY, 7-8pm – Living in Sacred Beauty & Blessings
  • June 1st, SATURDAY, 9-10am Eastern  – Living in Sacred Truth
* If you are New or New-ish to this Practice,
plan to come and to come & go a few minutes before/ after the hour.
* If you are NOT New (participated in a dozen+ Practices w/ Wendy),
plan to come & go 10-15 min early/ late (help Create Comfortable space)

Sign-up! for The CONVERSATION and then The PRACTICE

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