Soul Tools / Meditation Workshop Series: Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease…

Online & in Ballard Starting January 21, 2018 Intro to these energies at previous post: Consciously Savor Goodness & Blessings – within ourselves, and with our world:..Start your New Year IN Goodness,Care-for yourself along the way… Allow, Invite yourself to– BE filled-with, and– Overflow with Blessings for all those around you:Abundance, Havingness, Gratefulness, Ease… Allow […]

It’s been a tough year! Let’s do the New Year differently!

Blessed New Year! dear Friends, . It has been such an intense year – politically, socially, energetically, for many of us personally… and now we are through the Holy Days – lovely, and also intense for many of us ; ) . Many are in Darkness in Resistance living-through: ‘there is something wrong here, and […]

Hello ‘happy ending’: the Villains, the Resistance in our lives, can Move

I can’t give a big enough WOW for this post by Steven Pressfield: The Villain is Not Always a Person . “Or even a creature. “Sometimes the villain is entirely inside the characters’ (almost always the protagonist’s) head. “The villain can be a fear, an obsession, a desire, a dream, a conception of reality, an […]

Inner Certainty, trusting the Truth of My Own Experience: an essential foundation of My Empowered Life

Am I crazy? I wondered this deep down, for a lot of my life. My perceptions / experience / reality differed from ‘theirs’. . But, I had been told so often, with much force, in fear and trembling: I was wrong, I was bad. I believed this way down deep. . I had a hard […]

BE the Captain of your Life: Practical Soul Tools for Spiritual Warriors

Start Tuesday, September 27, 2016Ballard or Online Receive a taste of this practice – before you start – for only $35 – see Change your Soul Agreements, Change your Life! (Practical Soul Tools Workshop) ( Know someone who is Ready, and willing to be Equipped and Empowered to Shift their lives – from the Inside-out: […]

Change your Soul Agreements, Change your Life! (Practical Soul Tools Workshop)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016The Blue House Many of us are not conscious about the Soul Agreements we have made: – with our lovers, partners, friends, children, parents…– in relationship to our work, money, wellness, safety, joy….– regarding our permission for power, communication, sensuality, sexuality, spiritual information and abilities…– the list goes on and on. And, […]