What is it to be an EMPATH? Can I make My Difference/ IMPACT in Peace & Joy?

I have found there are many people broadening the definition of Empath,
I think because Empath is a more acceptable term in our society/ religion than psychic, intuitive, etc.
Sadly, this is adding to the 


There are Many Natural Soul Senses and Gifts.
Which we ALL Have, and each vary in ability:
– Some Consciously & others UN- Consciously Utilize.
– Some have the ‘Volume’ turned too high, too low, or Just Right – for their comfort & ease

We have many inner resources and capacities.
We can learn & practice how to be informed-by and served-by them.
As we do
within and in our lives:
the Suffering decreases and the Peace & Joy increases.

This is not the point of this post, but I do want to make clear:
There are many core competencies around How to navigate our Soul Senses
– many more distinctions and healing & growth opportunities than I can name here, but here is One example:

* Soul Certainty (trusting my unique inner information)
Including what might seem like the opposite – but isn’t:
* Differentiating Expereince – one might say Discernment:

— what is mine & what is theirs,
— what is past & present & future,
— what is spiritual info & what is body-mind info,
— what is my particular ‘bent’ (past experience, set-points, lies, limits, programming…)
& what is ‘real’ (actual current soul perception)

Ok enough of that jag.
I just want to make clear this convo is in a much greater context
of Comfortably and Powerfully Navigating Soul Senses,
but let’s move on to the point:


I believe Empath means
someone whose Clair-sentience is powerful,
who has a high Soul capacity to perceive & process sacral chakra info
– body experience, communication, desire
– ie emotions, feelings, sexuality, etc.
I see being an Empath as a wonderful Gift
and useful in service to ourselves and our world;
– Learn to ride this horse comfortably:
– Consciously Utilize this capacity & have the ‘Volume’ turned Just Right.

I believe many Empaths I hear-from these days
have not learned to ride their Gifts comfortably.
There is nothing wrong here, no one is Bad.
But it can be Much Easier, more Comfortable, more Effective to be an Empath,
than many are experiencing.
In the case of Clair-sentience (2nd chakra capacity of Clear Soul Feeling),
as we learn & practice how to be informed-by and served-by our inner resources and capacities:
The Suffering from Overwhelm of body Information, and sometimes Impulses
– and the many negative results of this within us and in our lives, can decrease and then cease.
This is my story, and the experience of many I have worked-with.
Learning to turn the “Body Info” “radio dial” up and down,
so it rests at a comfortable ‘volume”
is a useful metaphor for this intention, I have found.

If we are tuned-into our Soul, and ready to shift,
this choice can be straightforward to apply.
For others it may take a bit of Learning & Practice.
This can Stop the Pain.
But, it isn’t the most challenging part for most Empaths, I have found.

Many are experiencing other issues that I notice exacerbate the experience of Suffering as Empaths.
I myself have experienced all of these issues (below) – and many other folks that I care-about, have as well.
I am not meaning to be judgmental or trivializing, only to quickly focus attention on some of the pain-points.
The top issue I notice is above, as I already said is our willingness to turn the Volume Down.
Not OFF, just no longer Blaring.
So we can Enjoy, not be Dominated/ harmed by the ‘music’.
When we are willing to shift our intention to be willing
and build Soul muscle to be able to shift,
the results can be quite miraculous,
And, If we are not able – it helps to get skilled coaching.
Otherwise, this issue can get in the way of our expeditious Healing & Development in the direction many of us really desire:
a positive Impact in and for our world; as well as a more comfortable, delicious life along the way.
In addition, there are secondary Tendencies I see trending in the Empath Community,
that keep us Empaths from more positive IMPACT and living IN less Peace and Joy.
Folks may experience one, some, all of these:
A TENDENCY toward:

* LIMITED access to sacred Power, our own free Will, and healthy energetic & social Boundaries (I find, Helpful to heal & OWN Solar plexus Chakra)

* LACKING Autonomy, relying on others for Love & Worth, Co-dependence.  Maybe not understanding/ desiring a comfortable separate experience of I / Thou, not recognizing the value of individuation in our human experience. (I find, Helpful to enjoy Oneness Spiritually AND make ‘Soul Separations’. Also learn Soul Sovereignty.)

* EXPERIENCING the world as “happening TO me”, Victim Identity, Learned Helplessness… (I find, Helpful to learn to be Captain of my Ship, Master of my Soul)

* LOOKING outside myself for Truth, or Validation of my OWN experience. (I find, Helpful to grow muscle of ‘Soul Certainty’)

* IDENTIFYING with Suffering, that is supposed to help/save others (I find, Helpful to clear ‘Martyr pictures’)

* BELIEVING I’m Special because of this experience (I find, Helpful to learn Soul Equality (non-Competition) – each Special and Valuable in our Own Unique Way)

* FALLING into the many pitfalls of a ‘Healer’
(because that’s what many of us ARE, but not as effective because of the tripping and suffering)
a few examples below.

— a focus on healing Them before mySelf

— believing I can heal them, when only They can do it (I can only assist)

— imbalance of Giving & Receiving, leaving me needful and eventually resentful

(I find, Helpful to master Powerful Healer Perspectives – including what 3 above point-to)



Again, above are some of the Experiences I see trending.

We are All Learning and SOUL MATURING.
No judgment.
I have been there and I got more than the T-shirt,
I got hell on earth.
But as I shift, ever more deeply around all these issues,
my life and my world got SO MUCH BETTER.
There is a Terrible belief going around that
There’s nothing we can DO about these experiences, 
The Suffering of being an Empath can’t be Cured, only Managed.
ALL this can be handled and transformed, 
Life, Abundant and Overflowing with Beauty – is Available.

Best on your Unique Journey into Beauty, Peace & Joy!