ENGAGE in SPIRITUAL FLOW within AND naturally Make your Unique IMPACT

I’m speaking Christian below. I believe the heart of what I’m saying
is relevant to most Religions & Spiritual Practices.
Thank you for translating to your own language & paradigms.
(If you need help with this, let me know ; ) 

I was meditating on this week’s Meditation subject:
“SHARE the FRUIT of Spiritual Communion with your World”
and Amy Grant’s old song came to me. She says:

Love to live on a mountain top,
Fellowshipping with the Lord.
I’d love to stand on a mountain top,
‘Cause I love to feel my spirit

But I’ve got to come down
From the mountain top
To the people in the valley below;
They’ll never know
That they can go
To the mountain of the Lord…

I believe this is a useful paradigm to look through.
I also believe this is a Sad Misunderstanding.
Nothing against Amy: she was young, we were young…

But, in my very strong opinion:
We don’t need to choose One or the Other,
we can engage BOTH at the same time! 

This is the most productive and delicious scenario:

  • Living on the Mountaintop
  • Sitting in Heavenly places
  • Being still and Knowing I AM God
  • Living in Conscious Life Abundantly, Overflowing within 


  • Playing with the people in the Valley below
  • Living in this world, with its endless exigencies
  • Caring for the needs of our body, family, business …
  • Doing what we are here to DO, making our unique Impact

This is the most productive and delicious scenario:
BOTH (my favorite ; )

Most of us: aren’t doing BOTH at the same time!

Most of us: are fortunate if we do Each of these things well, regularly.
this is far from what is POSSIBLE.

the Mountaintop is a SPIRITUAL experience, flowing into our soul.
And the
Valley is a PHYSICAL experience, flowing from our soul.

The idea that we can’t,
the inability for us to experience, to LIVE BOTH
– Consciously Perceiving Spiritually AND Physically –
at the same time, all the time is OUR Limitation.

And it leads to a lot of Mess, experiencing LACK
& a tremendous amount of
Missing Divine Blessings – in our soul and in our lives.

this is far from what is POSSIBLE.

we can Learn & Practice, We Can Live BOTH at the same time,
Dancing with the Divine – in our soul AND in our life… all the time,
IF we CHOSE to

  • Making walking in this world, but not of this world – possible.
  • Transforming our experience, as well as our body, life & world.
  • REALizing our path, as Jesus walked:
    doing/ saying what we see/ hear the Heavenly Progenitor doing/saying.
  • Maturing, actively Participating in our part of
    bringing/ unveiling/ magnifying Heaven on Earth:
    “thy reign come, thy will done on earth as it is in heaven”.

Most of us: aren’t doing this.
Know anyone who can do this for extended periods of time?
That’s what learning and practice is about.

Everything of value we choose to do in this world takes learning & practice.
There aren’t any kindergarteners that are writing like Shakespeare,
even Shakespeare.
There aren’t any kindergarteners that are composing like Mozart,
even Mozart.

But somehow we are under the delusion that we should be Great,
before we even start.
This is generally true in our society

Then in our Spiritual lives, in our Soul, specifically:
We are hoodwinked into sitting around waiting for the Heaven bus to come (after we die).
And meanwhile, ourselves and our world are missing SO MANY Blessings.

We are the hands and feet of God in this world.
What happens when we focus ONLY on Earth *OR* ONLY on Heaven?

I Am a fan of “going to the Soul GYM”
Inviting, allowing spiritual blessings, fruit, gifts – talents – to Proliferate:
ACTIVELY, Consciously developing soul endurance, strength, balance, flexibility…

BE and DO what it takes to:

  • Be the Light of the World, as Jesus was;
  • Spiritually Heal the Sick, Release the Captives, beyond even what Jesus did.
  • Live BOTH Mountain and Valley Concurrently.

We are blessed, those around us are inspired, and our world is transformed;
as we come to Soul Maturity, Teleios.

To BE who we ARE, DO what we are here to DO, to make our Unique IMPACT
Requires Mastering spirit in body, life in this reality:

Mastering Anything is a Journey, a Challenge,
a day, after day, after day PRACTICE…
intentional focus of our energy, intention, attention…

We invest-in what matters to us.
If you would like to Dance with the Divine in your Soul and your life,
bringing that fruit to your World – MORE.
I invite you to INVEST in your own practice, find out what works for You!
Please leave no Stone unturned.

And, I Invite you to Consider what I offer:
I share tools & practices that have helped me and many others
to do what I am describing.
To Live, in Love, in Truth, in your unique Way:
to Shine Spirit in your World – in each step

I don’t know anyone who is done practicing,
certainly I am still very much in Process!

But the FRUIT I have experienced myself
and what I see from others… blows my little mind.
Come play, as my Guest, if you want to enjoy a Taste 

Best on your Unique Journey,
in Life, Wendy

You can sign up here, if you please:
Vocational Vision: Soul Leadership 
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