We are Birthing Something…

Many of us feel like everything is falling apart,
we are going backward, things are getting worse.  

I believe we are birthing something new,
we are going forward, things are progressing.

But for many of us it FEELS worse, it LOOKS worse!
And this is just true.
Death. Then re-birth.

SO, it is challenging,
we are experiencing a lot of friction, push-back, ugliness
– individually and collectively.

No matter the underpinnings of what is happening,
no matter who is ‘right’ about why things seems worse…

We can validate, there’s a lot of intensity and emotionality! 

Folks are calling out for support, clarity, vision, perspective…
a chance to make a difference…

So, let’s intend and realize
this potential for positive investment, together!

Us, you and me and whoever else wants to play,
Let’s Gather and enjoy Conscious Creativity.

Let’s create a dedicated time & place,
a dedicated intention,
a dedicated group:

  • to help birth in ourselves – and in our world –
    our next step,
  • ‘vote for’, and move toward: what we choose,
  • release what is no longer serving.

Let’s create a
monthly healing & transformation support circle,
starting within ourselves & flowing out into our world:  

Together, let’s

  • Connect, share support and inspiration.
  • Equip ourselves to handle life as it is.
  • Empower our Agency – set our sails in the direction we choose
  • Open to NEW: healing, growth, change, death & resurrection, transformation, abundant life…
    for ourselves, our families, communities, countries, world, earth…

As my gift in this process,
through the rest of this year,
I am committing to holding the structure
and growing a monthly gathering.

In support of
– our own and each other’s –
Healing & Transformation
– in service to ourselves, our families, our projects, our world.

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