Overwhelmed! Are you Uncomfortable with your Soul Senses & Abilities?

Are you

  • uncomfortable with your soul senses and abilities? 
  • overwhelmed with your soul information?
  • unable to comfortably & safely hold your energetic boundaries?

For example:

1) overwhelmed and drowning in others’ emotions & problems – basically, untrained in clairsentience (Empath – see Empowered Empaths) and especially in OWNing your own Space.

2) overwhelmed and uncomfortable: perceiving info that is disturbing and you can’t make it stop! hearing voices, seeing visions, knowing what you shouldn’t rationally, naturally know – basically untrained in clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance… and especially in OWNing your own Space.

3) overwhelmed by foreign energy & consciousness that is Not your own, taking over – basically untrained in Trance Mediumship and especially in OWNing your own Space.
for example:
*** channeling against your will – saying, writing, etc what You do not choose.
*** losing control of your body – you are watching yourself do what you don’t choose to do.
*** breaking consciousness – losing time, blacking out, others telling you what you said/did but you don’t remember… anything, or it seems like a dream.


All of this can be so uncomfortable, disconcerting, life-draining
… even terrifying.

But the third one can be especially grievous, it can be life-altering
– it may not be Your choice
– but if really bad shit goes down, YOU will pay the price.


I have supported and equipped more than one person who came to me as a last resort
– next step, they were going to commit themselves to psych institution because they couldn’t take it anymore!

There is real Hope!

It is a matter of
– Knowing that it is your birthright to be the Captain of your Life.
– Gaining powerful tools and a firm place to stand.
– Building your soul muscle to apply your intention, and take the helm.

I pray you find a comfortable and powerful way that supports you on your journey toward comfort with your soul senses and abilities
– they are a Huge Gift,
– but – like fire – they need to be respected and handled with intention and skill.

in Life! Wendy
Graceful Soul Academy

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