WHERE’S Wendy? (and some pictures :)

Since we left Seattle, beginning of October 2018
Michael & I have been living all over the US.

With the intention to live in GRANDEUR:
in or near Nature that is SUBLIME
& INSPIRES us to get Outside and Move!

I may fill-in more info & pics in the future, if there is interest,
but meanwhile, I wanted to note that since August 2023,
I’ve been doing a little: WHERE’S WENDY?
With a bit of info and a few Pictures
(in the Newsletter that comes out near the beginning of each new month)

I was asked: what’s my favorite place?

Usually where I am ๐Ÿ˜
Right now Iโ€™mย West of Ocala FL;
Playing in Springs, the energy is awesome;
Beautiful weather over winter, to work and play outside.
Spring & Autumn, I tend to be nuts about the mountains around Asheville.
Summer, Iโ€™m enamored with the UP Michigan and the amazing Lake Superior.
We invested 16 years in the Pacific Northwest,
so much natural beauty & energy!
Magical Mountains & Living Water
I am grateful to find awesomeness out east.
Where do you enjoy?

If you would like to see pics:
here are the first 8 months of WHERE’S WENDY?
(see bottom of the newsletter)

March 2024
February 2024ย 
January 2024
December 2023
November 2023
October 2023
September 2023
August 2023

๐Ÿ™‚ Wendy


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