Heal, Overcome: Climb from Darkness into Light

Heal into Light or, in the common vernacular: Climb Up from the Crap!       Many of us are challenged in: growing beyond our childhood, getting over our Past; creating a new future after trauma, break-up, illness, injury; rising-up and dusting ourselves off after we fall down; keeping going, after a pile of crap fell on us – […]

Developing Real Relationships w/ Real People: Camille and Wendy

I hope you enjoy this audio attached below. Camille and I talk about the value of investing in real Relationships with real people (and a lot more ; ) As well a bit about Camille‘s background her work as Founder of The Natural Life Business Partnershipas well as her excitement as a PSYCH-K facilitator. And […]

Some Old Interviews

Private Interviews with GretchenW, Summer 2014: What is Teleios? And Overview of Vision & Offerings These play in the following order:Hello Interviews – getting to know Wendy & get a taste for her work, with TimC, Spring 2014: Being Our Potential Learning By Playing Mother Nature’s Influence Cooking, Wisdom, And Intuition Matching Ascended Masters Radio […]

Master life in a world of change

The ability to actually – deeply & widely – CHANGE, is available. The ability to more comfortably dance in a world in which CHANGE is constant,is available. The ability to inspire and empower others – your family, your team – to actively, consciously CHANGE,is available. Transformation, Learning, Growth, Evolution, Healing, Creation…IS CHANGE. Would you like […]

Teleios: BE Your Potential

Transform:  Heal into, Grow in, Shine your Lightwith Levers for your Soul, Tools for your Life! Teleios is                                                                  te’-lā-os, a Greek word:  Mature into, Become Perfectly You: Whole & Complete. a Practice:  where you can safely & powerfully engage the Hero’s Journey of your Soul:     to BE your Potential, Manifest YOUR Destiny! We utilize Soul Levers:  a proven system of Inner Tools & Support, equipping you […]