Are you experiencing any of these, in yourself, in your life & interactions:

  • SHAME, Invalidation
  • Vulnerability, Hiding
  • Doubt, lack of Confidence
  • Distrust of the Divine, Life…
  • Savorless Living, Unforgiveness
  • Entitlement, lack of Gratefulness
  • Judgment, unhealthy Competition
  • Dysfunctional Patterns, STUCKness

Are you:
to stop Living this way?
to Invite a new set-point?
to start Learning new tricks?

I hope you can hear,
through all the disappointments & disinformation that you’ve experienced:

ENOUGH! is Possible.

Enough! .Release the Dung you are Done-with
Enough! .Receive the Deliciousness you Desire

Starting JULY we are enjoying, learning & healing/ growing together in:
Living IN Sacred Truth Circle

Which includes FOUNDATIONS of Our Practice
(Thriving from INside-OUT with Soul Tools & Developing as a Healthy Healer)

This 6 month life-shifting Circle is called:


                IN Spirit & Truth:
           BE Enough,  DO Enough,  HAVE Enough  and
           Let go of unnecessary Suffering & Shame
                 because That’s Enough of That!


ABOUT: Being one’s self IS Enough! with Claire

Contact Wendy for more info & to help create what may serve YOU!
If you sign-up by Jun 19th, you can vote on dates & times
– the sooner, the more weight in your preference!

ENJOY Enough!  It’s available for you to LIVE with Ease & Grace.
PLAY with us, Bring OUT the Gift IN You, Naturally.
INVEST in Your Soul Adventure:

  • Acquiring 100 internal Levers & Distinctions (a handful every week)
    to support you to shift from the INside-OUT.
  • Opening to Divine Blessings from Earth & Heaven and within yourself,
    that can help you shift, naturally.
  • Discovering how to organically Raise your Vibration
    & shift Consciousness in collaboration with your Source.
  • Receiving the inner rewards of delving-into, investing below everyday Awareness:
    Abiding SOUL Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Balance…
  • Building your Capacity (in the face of challenge & pushback).
    to Truly Care for your body & Powerfully take the helm of your Life.

Does this sound like Your kind of FUN?
Are you Passionate to Delve DEEPER?
Are you Hungry for MORE in Body, Soul, Spirit, Relationships… your own true LIFE?

Join us: Living in ENOUGH!

  • IN the Cornucopia of Blessings, Spiritual Riches for you from Heaven & Earth:
         filling you up & Overflowing.
  • IN the FLOW of Sacred Truth, welcoming Deep Shift, where you need it most!
    Overcoming the Dark & Heavy, Becoming in the Light, Coming to your Fruition.
  • IN a Community where you Fit, you Matter, and you can Thrive

ABOUT Thriving in Community, with Nora.
Wendy helped me to trust myself.  Not weird. Not alone.
Awesome to be in a group who understands and believes my experience.


Contact Wendy for more info & to help create what may serve YOU!
If you sign-up by Jun 19th, you can vote on dates & times
– the sooner, the more weight in your preference!


You Can Survive, COMFORTABLY and learn to THRIVE with Ease & Grace
come join us!

INVEST the second half of your 2024 in a NEW WAY:
Reap & Sow ENOUGH!
BE, DO, Have, Share, Let-In, Let-Go… 

Come Savor the FLOW of Blessings of Sacred Truth – for you and yours,
in these various taste-tones:

  • Receiving Soul Validation
    – Releasing Shame and Invalidation, Lies & Falsehoods.
    (I am NOT ENOUGH, broken, bad, unworthy, un-deserving)
  • Receiving Soul Trust
    – Releasing default CONTRACTING, Rejecting, Vulnerability, Hyper-vigilence, HIDING;  undermining our ability to Show Up and Play: our Creativity, Connections and natural Collaboration.
  • Receiving Soul Certainty
    – Releasing Self-Doubt, that keeps us from confidence-in & validity-of our OWN Unique Internal Perceptions & Experience.
  • Receiving Soul Faith
    Releasing Distrusting the Divine, our Sacred Life. Lack of Soul Fitness. Blocked from: being/ doing our direct spiritual guidance; Holding on to our Spiritual Promise over time, even through the dark night.
  • Receiving Soul Forgiveness
    – Releasing Savorless Living: STUCK in Past, in what happened.  IN Resistance: Resentment, Mean, Merciless; Ungenerous, Unforgiving…
  • Receiving Soul Gratefulness
    – Releasing Entitlement/ taking for granted/ oblivious to Beauty, Love, Life, Joy… everything sweet in heaven and on earth...
  • Receiving Soul Acceptance
    & the Miracle of BEing here, now, with what IS
    – Releasing Judgment-of & Competition-with ourselves, each other, this Reality, the Divine
  • Receiving the GIFT of TRUTH, within; fruiting in:
    Naturally Soul Healing & Creating… into BLOOMing (Teleios)
    – Releasing Dysfunctional Patterns, STUCK in heavy Habits, dark Agreements,
    that Block Grace & Light/ in the way of your true self & path.
    Making Way for, INVITING your True BEing, DOing, IMPACT.


JOIN US for 

Healing & Growing, Creating & Contributing,
in a Sweet Circle of Companions:

Soul Playing within ourselves & with each other.
Soul Dancing with Heaven & Earth.

Deep-dive into Sacred Truth & BEing with What IS!
Mentored by Spirt & Friends IN Spirit
Supported by Wendy & a small group of like-minded folks.


ABOUT BeIng FREE in Validation & Love, with Jill
BTW – in Wendy’s experience, a large portion
of the experience of love (for most of us) is experienced as validation


Contact Wendy for more info & to help create what may serve YOU!
If you sign-up by Jun 9th, you can vote on dates & times
– the sooner, the more weight in your preference!

STILL want to learn more, see more videos?  Check out this page 🙂

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