Rooted and Flowing in Blessings and Healing w/ Mother Mary: Healing Circle April 19, 2020

Come as our Guest.Please sign-up now:monthly Healing Circle April 19: 3 – 5 pm EDT As it serves you: In-person in North Raleigh AND Online/Phone via Zoom  Come all, far and near: The focus of our first Monthly Healing & Transformation Support Circle:Soul Connection & Inviting Flow: Rooted and Flowing in Blessings & Healing w/ […]

Resting in Truth, BEing with What IS, Workshop with Mother Mary as our Guide – Online/Phone, Saturday, February 29, 2020

Experience, Heal, Overflow in the blessing of Acceptance:you are Enough, they are Enough, it is Enough. (Register here) This workshop is Open to All; and specifically Focused for Mystics – those who are Dancing with the Divine, open to Soul Senses … or want to be! In this workshop, we say hello to the wonderful […]

Experiencing Oneness in our Soul, Workshop with Master Jesus as our Guide – Online/Phone Monday, February 24, 2020

(ready to Register?) The Blessing of Affinity Deepening your heart Connection,with ALL your Relations:Abba and Jesus, earth and heaven, yourself and your body; those close to you and All Living Beings. Monday, February 24th Workshop 4:15-6:15 pm; Online: 4-6:30 pm EST.(see bottom of info page for ’round the world time translations)Online/Phone – Links will be […]

Fully Realize Love in yourself, your body, your life, your world; w/ Master Jesus as our Guide – Cary Workshop, Tuesday, March 3, 2020

(ready to Register?) If you are willing to Dance with Maser Jesus – in present time, in your soul – and if you Really want to get some traction: Come learn to utilize powerful inner tools; and let it all be so much easier, with Master Jesus. AND we will put our attention here: 3 […]

Some Old Interviews

Private Interviews with GretchenW, Summer 2014: What is Teleios? And Overview of Vision & Offerings These play in the following order:Hello Interviews – getting to know Wendy & get a taste for her work, with TimC, Spring 2014: Being Our Potential Learning By Playing Mother Nature’s Influence Cooking, Wisdom, And Intuition Matching Ascended Masters Radio […]

Let It Be: BE-with What IS, with Mother Mary (Meditation Workshop)

Kirkland – Monday, September 25, 2017 Say Hello to Mother Mary – Clear your own and other’s opinions; spiritually get to know Mary more deeply, in present time, for yourself – as a friend, a guide, a model. – Learn from Mary spiritually: to REST and organically SHIFT into more Harmony with God, and who […]

BE the Captain of your Life: Practical Soul Tools for Spiritual Warriors

First Session Tuesday, September 27th, Ballard. Receive a taste of this practice – before you start – for only $35 on Tuesday September 20th – see Change your Soul Agreements, Change your Life! (Practical Soul Tools Workshop) ( …Know someone who is Ready, and willing to be Equipped and Empowered to Shift their lives – […]

The Flame of Healing: Meditation Workshop with Ascended Master Hilarion

Ascended Master Hilarion represents the Flame of Healing.His healing is all encompassing and includes the healing of the physical body, as well as the healing of emotions, the mind and Spirit.He is also a teacher of Truth and Science. This will kick off a 7 part series of Ascended Masters who Govern the Seven Sacred […]

Say YES! to Healing, Growth, Learning & Change with Ascended Master Lemar

Monday, February 22, 2016The Blue House Healing, Growth, Learning CAN be fun and easy! In this Meditation Workshop, Ascended Master Lemar can inspire us to:– Change/heal ourselves and our world.– Say hello to a whole new way of BEing! There are two main doorways of Healing: 1) We experience our True Wholeness; we allow ourselves […]

Transmute your Life with Saint Germain & the Violet Flame (Meditation Workshop)

Sagalingua – BellevueThursday, January 28, 2016 Saint Germain represents full spectrum transformation,on the energetic plane, the physical plane and everything in between.Are you ready construct the transformation you desire? – Experience the healing and transformation energy of the violet flame – Play within the expansive consciousness of the different elements – Feel the energy of […]