December INTENSIVE: will this Jesus-focus be comfortable for me?

Who is this Master Jesus? (I thought Jesus last name was ‘Christ’ : )

In our culture, there is a lot of info about Jesus. Maybe not all true for you.
In this Journey, the idea is to continually slough-off what is not alive for you,
and REALly relate directly with Jesus.

to find out for yourself, for REAL:

  • who he is, to you, today;
  • how he can help you shift, align, provision, within.


If you want to read more about how we play & relate-with Jesus
(see these very old sites for a flavor):

  • For Christians or folks who love Jesus who are struggling: Light in the Darkness 
  • For folks interested in Adventuring with Master Jesus and wanting to Learn Matching = Resonating Spiritually = learning monkey-see, monkey-do in our souls.
  • For Eclectic Mystics, desiring a relationship with Jesus beyond the Christian paradigm – Jesus started leading me to work together with him and folks from all backgrounds over 9 years ago – at first it freaked me out!!! But its turned out great, for those willing to try something NEW.

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