Rooted and Flowing in Blessings and Healing w/ Mother Mary: Healing Circle April 19, 2020

Come as our Guest.
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monthly Healing Circle

April 19: 3 – 5 pm EDT

As it serves you:
In-person in North Raleigh AND Online/Phone via Zoom

 Come all, far and near:

local time translation for Healing Circle Sunday 3pm ET:

– Seattle Sunday noon
– NYC Sunday 3 pm  
– London Sunday 8 pm
– Cape Town Sunday 9 pm
– Sydney Monday 5 am *


The focus of our first Monthly Healing & Transformation Support Circle:
Soul Connection & Inviting Flow:

Rooted and Flowing in Blessings & Healing w/ Mother Mary

  • Connection to the earth, this reality, being with what is
  • Connection to our own body, this reality, being with what is
  • Connection to the FLOW of All the goodness of life for our bodies, from heaven & earth: Divine Blessing:
    YES! especially to Safety, Security, Belonging, Health, Wealth…

Increasing Soul Connection & Inviting Flow
First in ourselves, then for our greater world.

With the Guidance, Support, Inspiration of Mother Mary.

What’s this “Mother Mary as our Guide” thing?

Well, tuning into her, is not a rational process
– come experience, in your soul!

In our Soul, we will:
Create or deepen our present-time relationship with Mary.

By working directly with Mother Mary, in your Soul, you can learn to:
raise your vibration,
allow healing,
consciously create in your life, and
enjoy meditation/ quiet time…
all with more ease.

In our Soul, Mary:

– can help us tap-into compassion, neutrality and freedom
in the places we are still judging and resisting ourselves, others and the world. 

– is always available as a friend, supporter, and a beacon to assist, teach, role-model for us
what is possible for us in this world.

picture by Gretchen, her contact & more pics bottom of linked page

Come as our Guest.
Please sign-up now:
monthly Healing Circle


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