HOW: 7 LEVERS & 7 KEYS (Y.E.S.  I.  C.A.N.)

Archimedes said something like:
With a firm spot on which to stand,
a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it,
I can move the world.

I am passionate about each of us:
1) finding a Safe, Powerful place to STAND, within
2) a Muti-layered Fulcrum (KEYS) within, and
3) employing LEVERS to Comfortably, Ease-fully shift, within ourselves…
and from there, into our world..

None of this is by willpower or striving!
Not by Might or Power, 
Rather by Spirit.
This Soul Practice,
is not merely thoughts, feelings, efforts, beliefs, ideals, shoulds…
Rather we are tapping into
Intentions/ Vibrations/ Energies/ Blessings
– Ways of BEING, but also inner PRACTICES –
that are available to us, anytime we choose.
I have found it essential
to give ourselves a chance to EXPERIENCE this Soul Consciousness,
this way of BEing and DOing, within.
This practice isn’t rational/ intellectual, emotional,
or any of the other everyday ways that most of us typically perceive and operate.
So how you think or feel about it theoretically,
may not be how you Experience it, in your soul!

I know this can sound esoteric,
but the effects are actually quite down to Earth.

Another way to say it is:
we are consciously going below Everyday Consciousness,
to Perceive Choose and Act.
Here are some examples of a place to Stand, with Fulcrum and Levers to shift:

1) Let’s start with LEVERS to Comfortably, Ease-fully shift, within ourselves… and from there, into our world:

Of the many dozens of Soul Levers I offer, here are 7 basic ones,
and how they can serve you:

* Grounding – experiencing safety & belonging with the earth, in this reality.  Making it accessible for us to open & dance, spiritually, body & soul.
* Centering – being in and with our body and engaged in our life – here, now, with – in present time with our attention.
* Letting Go – of the past & future, of what holds us back & doesn’t serve, of where we trip & cannot rise, of limits & lies, outdated habits & assumptions, etc
* Letting In – allowing blessings from heaven & earth and deep within us: new possibilities & ways of being, shifting our vibration & consciousness.
* Owning our body, our space, our life, our choices, our creations – all of our opportunities & relationships. Honoring our own & other’s boundaries, integrity.
* Breaking outdated agreements, changing habits, shifting momentum, clearing karma, making way for Mercy & Grace to allow better than merely reaping what we have sown.
* Co-creating our world – consciously & actively realizing who we are and how we can dance with what is, with heaven & earth, with the Divine.

So, those were some LEVERS
that we can learn, practice, grow-muscle-in…
to shift within ourselves.

Again, it isn’t reading About them that shifts our experience,
it is using them, doing this in our soul.
This above (and below) give a hint
of what our ACTIVE Meditation Practice IS.

2) Now, on to finding a Safe, Powerful place to STAND, within ourselves
& how this can serve you
How do we:
A Solid Foundation for our Lives to take Flight?
Standing, as Jesus said, on the ROCK of Direct Spiritual Experience.
I have said SO much about this, it is the center of my ministry,
so this time I will say little.

Lastly, How do we:
Own our Soul Journey, Become Captain of our Life, Master of our Soul:
BEing ourselves, DOing our thing, Making our IMPACT…
Developing our Leadership in this world, from within?

3) 7 KEYs, a Muti-layered Fulcrum – to help us BLOOM 
I have found these Blessings/Practices to be CORE
in my own (and others) Process of Mastery From Within:

7 Ridiculously Efficacious, Interdependent, Fundamental
Intentions/ Vibrations/ Energies/ Blessings

  • primarily Ways of BEING And inner PRACTICES
  • that are available to us in our SOUL, as we choose.

We can start anywhere or everywhere in these Practices,
and keep growing incredible powerful SUPPORT within our Soul
(in this changing, crazy, topsy-turvy world)

to the Kingdom,
to Dancing with Heaven & Earth,
to Mastery From Within:

I made an acronmym to help others understand
the powerful blessings that I stand on in my soul
and what I assist folks to do, in their own way
(thereby working myself out of a job ; )

Y.E.S.  I.  C.A.N.
Freely YOU, Empowered w/ Sovereignty, Integrity, Certainty, Amusement & Neutrality
(from your Soul, inside –> out)

YOU in Free Will:
liberty, independence, liberation within, our divine essence unveiled, our real expression unshackled, our sacred Will unfettered, our true impact undomesticated.

– To enjoy the rights and privileges of our humanity; not merely surface and immature freedom.

- Not just running Wild according to licentiousness, addiction, distraction, attachment, survival.  Not Driven by socialization, theories, thoughts, feelings, animal drives, impulses of control. Not Bound by programming, agreements, limits, facades/masks, habits…
 Rather overcoming these defaults, released from Control – from the inside-out.
– Permission, Freedom to BE, DO, IMPACT as we choose, in Alignment, from our identity deep in our soul.


True Power (not Force). 

- In the FLOW of spiritual energy and will, to be, do, CREATE as we choose. 

– ALLOWING life-force, the Potency of the Life, Love, Truth, our Way – Spirit… flowing through us. 
– Letting-go of temptations to false, not-spiritual power, the Force of this world: control, grasping, striving, fighting, resisting, manipulating, conniving…
– Unlocking our deep, natural strength, courage and un-stop-ability/ inexorability. 

- From here, organically opening to new possibility, with ease and grace.
– Senior within and Efficacious in our creations.
Dominion. Unshakable Internal Authority.
– Capstone ‘fruit of the spirit’ = Mastery from within.
Not subject to our own or others’ random or incessant pressure:
thoughts, beliefs, expectations, rampaging emotions, impulses, instincts, habits, social momentum, programming…
– In the driver’s seat of our body, energy and life.
– Playing our Own Game.  BEing the Captain.
– Agency. BEing who we ARE.

IntegrityBEing in Soul CONGRUENCE with Truth;
with our Spiritual: Self AND Way, Life, Love, Light, Truth… Source.
AND DOing – Acting, Saying, Choosing, in COHERENCE with this.
—> including an energy related to Truth & Certainty: both really are ‘BEing With What IS’:
VALIDATION – BEing with what IS of spiritual reality –  owning & integrating the truth of our certainty.
Including the larger context of spiritual reality of who we are & what all is – spiritually:
whole & complete, sound & uncorrupted; all is well, and all manner of things shall be well.
*** BTW – the feeling and story of INvalidation is I/They/It sucks, is broken… as the meme says:



Certainty: OWNing the Reality of what we perceive, on all levels of our experience...
– Believing our deepest self.  BEing centered in our Own spiritual information, abilities & connection with Spirit. 

– Allowing our soul senses to comfortably Bloom: intuitive: knowing, seeing, hearing, feeling, connecting, embodying (and consciously co-creating naturally from here). 

– Enjoying our own unique body and spirit perceptions; Regardless of the perceptions, expectations, beliefs, demands of others.
Amusement: BEing playful in this reality, in our healing/ growing/ creating dance with heaven & earth.

– Perceiving and basking-in the joyful, light energy that IS. 

- Allowing ourselves to not take everything so Seriously – as many are taught to do. 

- From here we can allow our experience to be more easily unattached, being-with what is, healing, changing… 
More easily enjoying our lives, our walk in this world, and our dance with the Divine.
Neutrality: Equanimity & Spiritual Perspective: 

– Identifying, Perceiving and focusing spiritually, not merely physically. 

– BEing free and clear – unhooked, not stimulated/ triggered – in the face of our own and others’ body impulses and information. 

- Letting go of ALLOWING emotions, instincts, survival & sexual impulses, beliefs, thoughts, judgments, other’s desires, etc to DRIVE us 

(most of these are potentially wonderful body experiences,
but letting our body’s desires & defaults be Captain of our body/ life can bear really bad fruit…)

These ‘ways of BEing’ are examples of
what we can learn, practice, grow-muscle-in…
to shift within ourselves.

It is quite dry to just read this list, here are 2 places

you can hear/watch me explicate these KEYS

Amazing Blessings & Practices

(both produced by my friend Rusty, RetroEarth Studio):
1) on my friend Peter’s webcast (Creatives Chat) in 2021: Self-Mastery (about 1 hour, especially in second half)
2) in my webcast with Susana in 2022, Soul rEvolution, in Season 2 (Mastering Energy), Episodes 16 – 19 are dedicated to these (about 2 hours – and much more specific to talking about these)

Archimedes said something like:
With a firm spot on which to stand,
a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it,
I can move the world.

We just reviewed:
1) 7 LEVERS to Comfortably, Ease-fully shift, within ourselves…
and from there, into our world.

2) finding a Safe, Powerful place to STAND, within

1) 7 KEYS, a Muti-layered Fulcrum, within ourselves,

These are just words, descriptions, metaphors…
for Spiritual Being and Soul Action.
Nothing written here will magically change your life.
It is the spiritual practice of these things, that is foremost.
If you would like to start learning HOW, please enjoy a FREE workshop.


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