How do we WIN? When can we CELEBRATE?

When we are on our path,
when I am ME, Playing My Own Game…
when you are YOU, Playing Your Own Game;
Not that anyone else has to lose.
Actually the opposite, they are inspired to be on their path too!
We can Each WIN!
We WIN when we Dance our OWN Dance,
We WIN when we Sing our OWN Song.
Until our last breath,
our Unique Journey on this Earth is Never Complete.
We are Blessed to Run this Beautiful Race, all the days of our lives.
So, we must allow ourselves to enjoy the Journey, not just the destination.
We get-to savor the moments, and make the most of each one.
When we are on our unique path, We WIN.
So, we celebrate at each turning-point, big and small.
I encourage us to go beyond this relatively normal practice;
How about: Every moment, in every Breath, in every Step:
We WIN, and we celebrate.
This energy of Celebration
  • helps our Momentum,
  • gives us Encouragement and
  • opens us to Deliciousness.

Hard to Argue!

Of course we know, in the Game of life, in this sandbox of dualism:
Sometimes we overtly win, and sometimes lose… a game, a scenario, an investment…
Still, we WIN.
And, we have Permission, we are Blessed-to Celebrate,
regardless of what the Outcome looks-like.
Wait right there, missy!
‘regardless of what the Outcome looks-like’???
I let you get away-with that ‘sandbox of dualism’ crap, don’t think I missed that;
but this is too much!
When we lose, we lose, period.
When we lose in the Earth game, in big ways, in small ways:
WHY do we WIN?
HOW can we Celebrate?

Here are SOME of my answers:

  • Because we are HERE, in this LIFE, against all odds.
  • Because we are called to BE Ourselves, and to DO Our-thing, against all odds.
  • Because we can PLAY FULL-OUT, we can ‘go for the ball’ with Everything we’ve Got…. in this Life, against all odds.
And because, amazingly,
everyone we meet, everything we do, every Game we Play…
is an invitation for us:
  • to Learn, to Grow, to Heal, to Blossom,
  • to Love, to Deepen into Life, Truth, Light,
  • to Transform our Lives, our relationships, our world.

These are SOME of my answers.
What are yours?
  • How do we WIN?
  • When can we CELEBRATE?
Blessings on your Unique Path!

I saw the pic, now posted on top of this post,
and I was inspired to share
some of the thoughts and practices I have been entertaining,
since supporting Lynn Brown‘s radio show, earlier this week.  Inspiring stuff!

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