November 2021: Soul AMUSEMENT: Graceful Soul PLAYshops

        Thursday Evening, ACTIVE Meditation PLAYshops w/ Wendy & Friends.
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1.5 minute clip about Soul AMUSEMENT 

Soul AMUSEMENT = BEing playful in this reality, in our healing/ growing/ creating dance with heaven & earth.

– Perceiving and basking-in the joyful, light energy that IS.

- Allowing ourselves to not take everything SO Seriously, as many of us are taught to do.

- From here we can allow our experience to be more easily unattached, being-with what is, healing, changing… 
More easily enjoying our lives, our walk in this world, and our dance with the Divine.

 = Laughter, Play, Fun, Lightness, Openness… on the INSIDE

Can you savor Amusement in your Soul?
And from there, as appropriate, into your world?

  • MIRTH, light, merriment, delight, laughtergaiety, joviality, fun, enjoyment, pleasure, high spirits, cheer;
  • LIGHTness, light-heartedness, levity,
  • PLAY, fun & games, relaxation, refreshment, restoration, recreation
  • OPENness, Flexibility, Malleability
    – Inviting Ease of Movement, making space for Learning, Healing, Growth, Transformation…
  • NOT SERIOUS = Heavy – Dark – Stuck

By the word SERIOUS,
I mean that solemn, somber, stern, grave feeling many experience in a courtroom or memorial home.
That idea that something is bad, heavy, severe, worrying, grievous, dreadful, terrible, dire…


.Please Come: Enjoy a Taste of Soul AMUSEMENT

We Practice a different way of BEing & enjoy/ share the Fruit. 
Come Learn HOW!
Shift your experience of yourself & your world.


November PLAYshops w/ Wendy R Wolf & Friends:

Every Thurz: 1 hour starting 5:30 Pacific; 8:30 Eastern
First time, come as our Guest: 
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Nov 4: Soul Amusement: Clear & Clean, Slip-Sliding into Playful Shift
ACTIVE Meditation and Healing & Conscious Creativity CIRCLE
Group work w/ Individual energy tune-up & coaching.

Nov 11: Dancing Heaven on Earth: Soul Strength & Amusement w/ Theresa
Live IN the Soul ONEness Experience: Learn from an Ascended Master

Learn & Grow w/ Soul Tools & Amusement.
VALIDATE your OWN Soul Senses & Abilities,
CHOOSE then SHIFT: from the INside -> OUT!


Nov 25: Resilient Relationships, on Soul Neutrality & Amusement Foundation
Connecting Gracefully with ALL our Relations.
Savoring our Life, World, Dancing w/ the Divine.

(Yes, we know it’s Thanksgiving in the US!  If you are Happy, and Enjoying Friends & Relations, and stuffed with Turkey – yay, enjoy!
But if you have the time/space to PLAY this evening… stop on by ; )


Do you want Soul AMUSEMENT enough, to try something NEW?

We share simple inner tools
that have inspired & assisted thousands to shift their lives.
Why not YOU, too?!

We Support & Equip you* To ALIGN on Purpose
-> FOCUS & SHIFT-> from the Inside-out

* To BE the Change:
-> Empower Direct Soul Engagement
-> Overcome, Become, Come to Fruition

Have you Tried Everything to find more Soul AMUSEMENT?
Try ACTIVE Meditation!.

WHY try one more thing?
-> Your True BEing, DOing, IMPACT… Matters

HOW is this possible?
-> Soul Technology: Learn Leverage from the inside -out

WHAT can you receive?
-> Inner Tools & a proven Process to support & move you.

-> Be Informed, Understand, Choose & Act from within your Soul,
Beyond your everyday Consciousness, thoughts, beliefs, feelings…
Develop, in the vicissitudes of life

  • a Safe, Solid place within, a Rock on which to stand,
  • more Trust-in your Soul Senses, to Perceive Spiritual & Physical reality more Clearly & Confidently, and
  • new ways to Leverage you Abilities, within: to Powerfully Choose And Shift: keys within your own soul.


        Thursday Evening, ACTIVE Meditation PLAYshops w/ Wendy & Friends.
LEARN more & Sign-up for our November FOCUS: Soul AMUSEMENT

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