change starts within our souls

There is a lot of crazy crap going down in this world.
…. always the case, right?
But for many of us it seems, it feels especially intense right now.

What are we gonna do about it? . It feels tempting

  • to be judging and resisting…
    to be trying to fix and change all the people, all the things…
  • But how does this help?

…if what we resist tends to persist – we become stuck in isometrics, within ourselves, with others…  .  .  .  

We hear:
– Happiness comes from within.
– Peace in the world, starts within.
– Beauty, Love, Transformation, Change… starts within.

Well, this is actually true 🙂   .

to bringing a heavenly experience,
to our earthly reality,
actually reside within us…

The answers to our fundamental questions, and
the fulfillment of all our most important needs,
tend to be found deep within our own soul.

As Archimedes said,
if we have a firm spot on which to stand
and a lever long enough,
we can move the world.

The place to stand and the levers we need to utilize,
lie within our own soul.

With these levers, we can begin to turn the Titanic – now,
not just rearrange deck chairs, and then deal with the aftermath.

Many folks say ‘Just Do It’ or ‘just turn on a dime’
– If you can do that, great! –
But, most of us can’t ‘Just Do It’!

I have found and honed inner tools and distinctions -> LEVERS
… a Soul Technology;
to help make the kind of powerful changes we are looking for.

This shift within ourselves
and action into our lives and our world…
accessible for the rest of us.

Soul Levers are inner tools;
an accessible way to Practice and Grow Muscle in:
HOW to apply our Intention

I am passionate for each of us:

1) finding a Safe, Powerful place to STAND, within ourselves, and

2) employing LEVERS to Comfortably, Ease-fully shift, within ourselves…
and from there, into our world.

None of this is by willpower or striving! Not by Might, not by Power, but by Spirit, in Grace and Ease.

This Soul Practice, that is not merely thoughts, feelings, efforts, beliefs, ideals, shoulds…

Rather we are tapping into
Intention/ Vibration/ Energy/ Blessing
– primarily Ways of BEING, but also inner PRACTICES –
that are available to us, anytime we choose, ask and are willing to receive.

I have found that it is essential
to give ourselves a chance to EXPERIENCE this Soul Consciousness,
this way of BEing and DOing, within.

This practice isn’t rational/ intellectual, emotional, or any of the other everyday ways that most of us are used-to perceiving and operating.

So how you think or feel about it theoretically, may not be how you Experience it, directly, in Your SOUL!

Meanwhile, I know this can sound esoteric, woo-woo.
But the effects are actually quite down to Earth.

Here are some examples of a place to Stand, and Levers to shift.

. . If you are Ready to start moving, shifting, changing…
yourself, your life and your world,
from within yourself:
Get equipped with powerful levers/ tools and a solid place to stand:

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