Everyday Modern Mystics – starting soon!

Are you Crazy About God?

Are you a Mystic?
Do you want to be?

If so, come play in Community (Available wherever you Live!)

  • Learn together 
  • Share wisdom and experience,
  • Support each other and
  • Spread this wonderful infection of:
    Devotion-to God and
    experience-of the Presence & Love of our Living God.
I am wildly and deeply blessed by this new calling
to gather Mystics into free-form, Community.
I hope you come PLAY!

Soon I plan to:

  • Send email with details.
  • Open a private Facebook group for us.
  • Plan days/times for folks who would like to meet once or twice a month online. (I am currently doing a poll, for folks who are invested in this idea –  see below)
    As an integral part of this Community,
    I plan to be regularly interviewing folks,
    who are in this Mystic-deepening process
    (folks from any or no faith-tradition).
    And sharing these interviews with our community.
    So we can
    – all learn from each other
    – deepen in God
    – share wisdom, mentor,
    – make it Normal to be Mystics in the World…
; )
I would really like your assistance to get this going.
1) if you want to be in-on this Mystic Community, sign-up here.
2) if you know folks who might be interested, please share with them.
3) I am just getting this thing rolling,
so your sharing about what you need & desire & want to do and share… is much appreciated.
I am looking to interview folks about their experience of God.
Do you know someone, whose direct experience of God may be inspirational?

I would love it if you introduced me – or invited them to connect with me.
This could be YOU! – if so, be in touch
– remember this is all about Everyday Modern Mystics – in every 
stage of our journey – no perfect, almost ascended people allowed ; )
5) I am currently
doing a poll, for folks who are invested in this idea –  on what days/times work for you – if you would like to meet once or twice a month online.
Let me know days and times that tend to work for you.
Right now, it is all wet cement – so please let me know what you would Like, and what you Can do.
Here are some times I am thinking might be useful:
* Friday afternoon 5-6pm in Seattle
= Friday night 8-9pm in NYC
= Saturday noon-1pm in Sydney
* Sunday afternoon 4-5pm in Seattle
= Sunday evening 7-8pm in NYC
= Monday 11am-noon in Sydney
* A weekday 3-4pm in Seattle
= A weeknight 6-7pm in NYC
= A weeknight 11pm-midnight in London
= Next morning 10-11am in Sydney

If you are 1/4 as excited as I am,
I look forward to hearing from you today!
in life,
sign-up and contact info here

Website is ModernMystic.us

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