Wendy sharing About her Journey as a Healer, Becoming a Transformation Agent

Wendy was called as a Healer in 1995.
She has been Inspiring, Coaching, Mentoring, Training…
Equipping, Empowering and helping to Heal, Grow & Transform:
Healers, Leaders and Transformation Agents, since 2005.

That sounds so straightforward, simple, clean.
It really, really was not any of those things – it still isn’t.

Supporting people to become themselves and do their thing
is a messy business, non-linear.

My journey to be me, do this
… has been a total shit-show 😉
I will tell you a bit of it:

When I turned 30 in 1995,
I was told in my soul, that I was a “Healer Becoming.”

My body immediately began breaking.
First my lower back.
A year later both my knees.

After several surgeries, I found myself falling ever deeper into chronic, debilitating, painful illness.
I developed literally many dozens of symptoms.
I didn’t know what was happening.

So many things stopped working in my life.
I become stuck within myself and in my body,
caught in a Gordion knot which I had no idea how to become free from.

Everything I tried, did nothing,
or made me worse
– sometimes wildly worse.

I spent years mostly in bed;
many years mostly in the house, unable to work;
decades unable to live a full life.

I’m still not back to full wellness,
but my body is SO much better!
and my soul, well, that soars.

… I tend to learn the hard way 😉
But, I do learn!

I’ve learned A LOT about what works and what doesn’t.
As a healer. As an Agent of Change. As a person.
As a soul with a body to care-for, and a life to live.

I’ve learned – not just from my own healing/ transformation journey –
which has been a treasure-trove!

I’ve learned also from experts, in classes and in apprenticeship:
in intense study of healing and soul opening – inner rEvolution.

And I’ve learned so much more by working (soul playing) intensely with thousands of folks.
I have had the honor and blessing of working deeply with Hundreds of souls – very intimately –
in their unique, messy, ridiculous, human, beautiful… healing & transformational journeys.

This has changed me.
And my understanding of what it is to be human.
As well as my ability to assist others.

… I’m still Becoming myself,
becoming my service in the world and
becoming the Healer that I am.

Over the last 25 years, much has changed.  
I could go on and on.

Most Relevant, in this convo, IMO, is
how my understaning of healing has unfolded.

For me healing is Transformation, it is:

Yes, moving out the crap, realigning the broken pieces, getting over what has stopped me, learning from the challenges, climbing out of the f-ing hole.

And it is so much more.

For me this is the process of Maturing:
Becoming who I AM.
Flourishing into the oak that has been hidden in the acorn.
As my own Unique kind of tree.
For me this is Blossoming! Coming to Fruition!  
BEing, unveiling the Love, Life, Light, Truth, Glory, Beauty… that I am.
And sharing this with our world, in my own unique Way, as only I can.

… this is the process of Teleios
From my perspective, this Transformation is encapsulated in this Greek word.
It means to unfurl, become fully realized, to be ourselves whole and complete, to come to maturity.

This Transformation, this Soul rEvolution
which begins within, and shifts our life and our world
is our greatest challenge and our greatest blessing.

I believe each one of us is on our own unique journey of Soul rEvolution:
unveiling, becoming, manifesting… who we are, our potential.

Not just us, also our culture, our species, our world, our universe…
all Blossoming, and coming to Fruition.

For me this is motivating, exciting, inspiring.
Dancing with this Process is my Purpose.

I see clearly that
who we BE, what we DO,
our capacity to Consciously Creatively Choose… 
Matters, significantly.

Meanwhile, this is merely my perspective.
What is yours?

What does healing mean to you?
Overcoming, Growing, Shining – Transformation – look like to you?
And why does it matter to you?

When you are ready to engage more deeply in your own Soul rEvolution
please be in touch

If you would like to read more, please consider:
our practice of Shift – The Mastering Change Process
and how we can can help you Turn the Titanic in your life

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