What shift/ change/ Creation requires

I believe
What is below everyday consciousness
Very often
Our experience 

Not the more superficial – conscious – thoughts beliefs behaviors 

What shift/ change/ Creation requires is
A practice that goes
Below everyday consciousness to
Perceive (what IS and what is Possible)
then Choose and Act 

And/ or

Coming to the place in the deep, 
In our soul Development where
Old defaults fall away and new Freedom IS 


It is unfortunate
I find
When folks are IN freedom
Or theorizing about freedom (or whatever word)
That it is just a ‘snap’


It is just a ‘snap’
Only when the ‘snap’ happens
A moment

Until then Imoe

one knows how to consciously play
Below everyday consciousness

If one doesn’t know,

there is a ‘miracle’ shift
Allowing Transformation 

Most of what folks do trying to shift,
is rearranging deck chairs on the titanic
Imoe ymmv


I have found for me (and many others)

The relentless misery
Can help me bring attention to something
and be willing to shift,

to let go of old belief and behavior
At the Core 

Until I do
It’s hell 


When I do
It’s ‘ego death’
And the game can shift 

This is my experience

It occurs to me
A way of perceiving the misery experience is through the ‘stages of death and dying’
There’s denial bargaining  fighting what is…
Eventually acceptance
This produces change 


I have found
It isn’t just letting go
Into nothing

Sometimes it is letting go into something
I have resisted:

Doing, going where I would not go


I companioned a woman a long time ago, dying of leukemia
Before that she had a bunch of cancers – breast etc
Before that she expereinced a decade of chronic fatigue and pain
Something like 15 years of hell

Right before she died, she said to me:
I didn’t want to have children and my husband did,
I wonder if I could have just told him that I didn’t want children,
if all of this wouldn’t have happened. 

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