Soul CERTAINTY is SHARED: In Owning Ours, we Also Honor Theirs

The Bottom Line:

IF we are in the waterfall together, we both get wet.⁠
How very wet, depends upon how much protection we each wear.
If I am keeping you from the water, I am keeping myself from the water as well.

None of this is Judgment; it is the Natural Outcome.

This is how I wrote about this topic, in more detail, 8 years ago:

(Soul) Forgiveness: Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit

Today, from a Soul Certainty perspective
I want to share different words & paradigms of this useful perspective,
applicable to any of the Energies we play-with in ACTIVE Meditation:

WE SHARE (with self & others – our neighbors)
Spiritual Fruit/ Vibration/ Energy

Our YES to the flow of Blessings <or Curses>, splashes onto others.

as well as
Receiving Spiritual Vibration
is not a singular activity
– it affects everyone connected to us.

Enjoying the Spiritual Fruit of Love, Joy, Peace…
in my Soul, and coming to fruition in my Life: 

Everyone around me is invited to partake
of the shower of these Blessings as well.

The opposite is true as well, for example:
Jesus said: Judge not, lest ye be Judged.

If I am IN the anti-blessing, the ‘curse’ of Judgement,
everyone around me is in that ‘field’ as well.

I can’t judge without being IN the energy of Judgment, affecting all around me.

I can’t be IN Love,
without everyone around me
being invited to/ splashing in the Presence of Love.

I experience your reality more overtly, within me.

If I get it, they have greater access.
If they get it, I have greater access.

SO, for example,
Divine Love coursing through us (eventually as our Identity)
explicates & multiplies (beholds & reflects) within AND around us.

IN our Soul: Love thy neighbour as thyself;
isn’t just a good idea,
isn’t merely a command.
It’s the way it IS – WHEN, IF, AS we are actually IN Spiritual LOVE.

If they aren’t invited/ splashed, it isn’t Divine Love in us.
If we aren’t invited/ splashed, it isn’t Divine Love in them.

This is a wonderful Litmus test of Real Spiritual Fruit, btw.
If it isn’t shared/ splashed, it is probably facade, effort/trying, pretense – skin-deep.


Most Importantly

Not the “I know better than you”


I’m a stand for CERTAINTY and I’m honoring it as best as you for ALL – I’m not trying to take it away from anyone.

So many folks want to tell us what to do, who to be, what to believe…
But it is important to note – OUR Information is most important to us.

IF They are not Honoring Our Certainty – our Perspective/ Experience
They are probably not Operating from Spiritual Certainty

Becasue if they were, they would honor OUR CERTAINTY in our space,
as they honor their own for themelseves.

THE WHOLE point is that I don’t know better than you, FOR you.

The omnipresent “should”: ‘Thou shalt’
Nietzsche’s Three Transformations are very relevant here
– can we each free ourselves from the pervasive expectations & desires of others?


So back to Soul Certainty – not intellectual, emotional or physical certainty

Soul CERTAINTY is SHARED: In Owning Ours, we Also Honor Theirs

HOW do I HONOR my own Perspective & Experience? AND Theirs?!

in our Soul and from there organically arising into our life:
Soul Certainty is grown within us as Practice AND as Blessing

Great – But HOW do we do this?
The answer isn’t intellectual or emotional or physical
– it is within our soul – as a Practice and an Energy

Come as my guest to a PLAYshop and enjoy a taste:

best in your ⁠unique journey,
: ) W



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