Christian ‘Deconstruction’ OR Soul Maturing, Sacred Dreams & Abundant Life

This is one of many possible convos about what is called these days: ‘Deconstruction’? 

Focused on my vote that we:
Go FOR what we want, not AGAINST what we don’t want.

Some from Christian Backgrounds are like: I’m Not Christian!
That’s great!
and at the same time
Most of what they seem to be focused on is (against) Christianity, Church, Bible, Jesus…
– overtly or underlying-ly

I get it! “people tryin’ to be FREE”.
I have that T-shirt.
I got what I wanted, BTW and SO much More!
May we ALL.
SO, I am sharing a speck of what I have learned
since I began ‘Deconstruction’ (40+ years ago)
In case it can make your Way easier and more graceful. 

IMOE ‘I’m Not Christian’ isn’t a powerful place to stand, imoe.

We can’t be NOT, only IS.
We can only be walking TOWARD or Running AWAY From *Something*.
We can’t Go Toward NOT.

We can’t be NOT Christian.
This just keeps us in the Christian Conversation!
(Look at (most) Satanism sometime: Oy! Talk about Stuck in Fighting Christianity)

What ARE we?
What MATTERS to us?
What are we Going TOWARD?

What are we Standing FOR?
THIS is Real, and what Makes a difference for us and our world, imoe.

Healthy ‘Deconstruction’ isn’t About

From my perspective,
Healthy ‘Deconstruction’ is about
– Punching Beyond the Board of where we were STUCK
– Finding and Soul Drinking Sacred Truth, Love, Light, Beauty…
– a BEing and DOIng, a WAY of LIFE that WORKS, for REAL!

If its all about NOT (all or some of) Christianity, Church, Bible, Jesus…
then its not really empowered or useful for us.

Yes, we are Served to cut the Apron-strings.
And, imoe, No one is served long-term, by focus on chaotic Rebellion & Destruction

DO things Fall DOWN?
Do some or all of our Beliefs, Habits, Defaults, Relationships, Expectations, Hopes, Dreams… DIE
Yes, F yes they do! and this is Hard, Devastating, a Huge LOSS for many of us.

just like ALL of our Developmental Stages,
and the difficult navigation 

from one consciousness to another

(oh how I have tripped and stayed Stuck in these transition
– SO many times, for WAY too long!)

The Point of ‘Deconstruction’ isn’t to spend our whole life – or Huge swaths of it:
Looking Back
Serving DEATH 

DYING Ourselves and KILLING everything we don’t like.

I find
This doesn’t Work, and it involves a lot of Suffering – for myself and often, others.
It gets me in the opposite direction from where I want to go
Oh, and it’s Not Truly FUN!

I believe

committing this one wild and precious life that we are blessed-with
– devoting our ongoing energy and attention to UN-doing

is a road to Disaster for ourselves
– or at least a sucky life for us

and going out of our lane, annoying many around us
– maybe harmful, rather than helpful

Road without end.

I wonder if
This is why some say:
– Oh you went too far in ‘Deconstruction’
– Oh, you have to stop ‘Deconstructing’ and start ‘Reconstructing’

IMOe it ISN’T ABOUT the ‘Deconstructing’ or the ‘Reconstructing’
This Just Happens

Yes, Over and Over again!
We go through cycles of ‘Deconstructing’ and ‘Reconstructing’
just another name for Letting Go/ Death AND Rising to New Life/ Born Again/ Resurrection

This is the Process, but not the Point of Life!
How about we GO FOR what Really matters.

Of many choices, one might say, GOING FOR:
– Living the Way of Sacred Beauty, Love, Light, Truth… 

– Becoming who we are, Journeying in the direction of our most Sacred dreams!

– Life, Abundantly 


The dissolution of Beliefs & Lifestyle,
called Christian ‘Deconstruction’,
marks the natural progression of
our Soul Maturing.

It’s not the point or purpose of Life.

If we keep going,
in the direction of
our Sacred Dreams;

It’s just what happens,
on our Unique Way:
Fully REALizing
our True & Abundant Life.

If you want to read more about this,
please see my general convo with all Mystics in recent post:
Playing Our Own GAME: Standing FOR our Sacred Dreams


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