Group Classes: FOUNDATIONS & what is possible from there

In Group Classes, we start with the Basics: FOUNDATIONS

1) Intro to: SOUL Tools & Meditation
– go farther in your Soul Journey – Overcoming, Becoming, Coming to Fruition
– go deeper in your Spiritual Life, Dance with the Divine.

Introduction to:
* Tools (a place to stand and levers to shift – from the Inside, OUT) & 
* Discernment 
(perceiving, wisdom, distinctions, distinguishing…)
* Safely & Confidently CLEAR & OWN YOUR Direct Spiritual Experience


2) Intro to: Healthy Healer & Conscious Creativity
– Open to Your unique Dance of healing & growth, in yourself & with others
– Free your Creativity.  Create your Beautiful life & work, more Consciously

Introduction to:
– Working & PLAYing with Energy Healing, Movement, Perception
(learning & practicing Way beyond most modern energy training, ie Reiki)
– Safely & Confidently Assisting Others, in an honoring & spirited way.

After FOUNDATIONS, our CORE Program becomes available:
  • Deepening in Spiritual Discernment, Leaning-into your Soul Senses & Abilities,
    Learning extraordinary Soul Tools & Practices for Transformation, and So much more!
  • Unlocking endless Creativity & FLOW: Life-changing, from the Inside-OUT!.

  • Stepping into being a Soul: Reader & Healer… in Your Own Way,
    whatever you call it, however you want to apply-it, wherever you go…AND!
  • Mastering the 7 Keys to Operating as Spirit Embodied
    – your SOUL to your world: Comfortably & Confidently:

    Y.E.S.  I.  C.A.N.:  Freely YOU, Empowered with Sovereignty, Integrity, Certainty, Amusement & Neutrality – from Inside-OUT.

    You can read about this here on Blog – 1/2 way down this page
    &/or  watch videos here: 1 hour interview on Creatives Chat
    &/or 1/2 hour Episodes 16-19 in Mystic rEvolution

Our CORE Program is the Doorway to ADVANCED Opportunities, i.e.:

Advanced Healing & Conscious Creativity:
Go deeper in your own Healing & Creating Journey,
assisting others in their Journey of Teleios – unveiling/ becoming their True Selves, living their Sacred Dreams

Soul Teaching & Leadership:
BE the Change you want to see in the world, Unveil Your Unique Gift:
BE the Leader you (already) Are: from the Inside-out:
and assist others to do the same, as a Soul Trainer & Leader

– Transformational Facilitation:
BE your own Soul Counselor, Meditation Coach, Spiritual Director, Deep Soul Healer…
and assist others in the same ways, as a Transformational Facilitator – as a Group & Personal Trainer


Wendy is one of the most graceful teachers
I have ever met and had the pleasure of learning from.

She not only works her healing magic on you,
she empowers you with knowledge
so that you can also do the same for yourself!
– LB

{More, if you wanna read it}


If you like what I bring, Group Classes are a pathway to
~ Safely, Comfortably, Easefully, Potently:

Be your True self, DO your True Way;

Bring YOUR GIFTS to your world, make your IMPACT
(in some or all of the ways that I do, in YOUR Own Unique Way)


Contact me if you choose to Play Together.
See more at Graceful Soul Academy. 

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