Want to Live IN LOVE, Experience BEing LOVE? 

Want to Bask in these Waters, all year long?
Live your LIFE: Learning, Playing Savoring IN Sacred LOVE
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I’ve been sharing this ‘BEing the LOVE you Want’ Practice starting ~8 years ago,
and it is my Most POPULAR Offering, by far!

If you want to Live IN LOVE, eventually Experience BEing LOVE;
OVERFLOWING with Love, so its easy to Share, Regardless of what THEY Do
– and Regardless of our relationship status – please join us this coming month!

Keep reading if you please:
But most importantly,
See bottom for Dates.  Register & Come PLAY IN LOVE with us LIVE on ZOOM

‘BEing the Love you Want’ is a Major Lever in our Toolbox.
Learning to Go from Seeking & Scraping OUT There for the Love we NEED,
Finding Love within ourselves, in our Soul &
Living in the FLOW of LOVE as a Sacred Gift from Heaven & Earth.

BEing the Love you Want‘ is a Conversation, a Possibility;
hopefully INSPIRING more of this shift of focus, consciousness, fulfillment…

Want to Bask in these Waters, all year long?
Live your LIFE: Learning, Playing Savoring IN Sacred LOVE
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Like I said, ‘BEing the Love you Want’ is a Possibility,

AND if you are Ready & Willing to Live it,
Like most everything we do in Meditation, it starts within
as a Spiritual BLESSING/ Energy/ Vibration AND an inner PRACTICE.

As has become a habit, in FEBRUARY
in ACTIVE Meditations
we TASTE – Learn & Practice – a Delicious WAY that I have developed to transform IN Sacred LOVE:

– Receiving from Heaven & Earth
– Finding within, Overflowing in
– Clearing out the old & broken & heavy

– Overcoming, Healing what has held us back
– BEcoming ourselves, DOing our thing
– Coming to Fruition, make our Difference

– BEing the LOVE we Want, Regardless of relationship(s)
– Freely sharing LOVE in our OWN Unique Way, Regardless of Resistance or Judgment
– Connecting, Communicating, Belonging as LOVE… Regardless of Their beliefs or behavior

See you soon,
in LIFE! Wendy

Keep reading if you please: ‘BEing the Love you Want
But most importantly, Register and come PLAY IN LOVE with us LIVE on ZOOM:

‘BEing the LOVE you Want’ 
ACTIVE Meditation:
SOUL PLAY for Mystics & Creatives

Discover in your own Soul: Leverage, Perspective, Tools… LOVE
Learn HOW to experience the fulfillment of your needs & desires – within.

-> READ About ACTIVE Meditation, if you are new to our Practice

-> These offerings ($50 Value) are supported by your Generous DONATION:
* First time? Please come as our Guest.
* Continually Blessed by weekly meditations? Give as your Soul Leads &/or
speak to me about ways you can support Mystic Meditation & Community

-> Please Register on ZOOM (links with each date below) and test your link.
You will receive a LINK on computer screen AND in your email.
(if cell phone – you prolly need to get from your email)
– If you need help, please email ASAP.
– If you wait until the last hour and have trouble, text me at least 10 min BEFORE Meditation starts, and I will try to assist, IF I can.
Contact & more offerings HERE

See you Soon! Wendy


‘Spiritual Communion’ ACTIVE Meditation:

‘BEing the LOVE you Want’
SOUL PLAY for Mystics & Creatives

Dancing with the Divine IN LOVE
SUNDAY, Feb 12, 1pm (Eastern USA time) – Spiritual Communion ZOOM


‘Personal Harmony’ ACTIVE Meditation:

HOW can I get the LOVE I need?

‘BEing the LOVE you Want’
SOUL PLAY for Mystics & Creatives

Your Graceful Soul IN LOVE
WEDNESDAY,  Feb 15, 6:30pm (Eastern USA time) – Personal Harmony ZOOM 
TASTE ‘BEing the Love you Want’,
INVITE this experience to transform your Life & Relationships from INside-OUT.

When I come to a relationship full, not empty;
what I may receive from them is icing on the cake.
But either way, I get cake.
Yum, CAKE.

– I am NOT the Center of the Universe – LOVE is – that’s Really Liberating!.
HOW you can Savor the LOVE you need,
Regardless of Relationship!By PRACTICING
SOUL Playing IN Sacred LOVE:
‘Personal Harmony’ ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics & Creatives.
Folks are sometimes wary to come to this meditation when not partnered, that it might exacerbate Loss or Loneliness.
Actually this is Meant to do the opposite, to fill us up when aren’t getting what we need from the outside.
Most of us aren’t, BTW, regardless of what relationship we are in!


‘Vocational Vision’ ACTIVE Meditation:

HOW can I show up, as LOVE?

SOUL PLAY for Mystics & Creatives

Soul Leadership IN Sacred LOVE – SATURDAY, Feb 25, Noon (Eastern) – Vocational Vision ZOOM

TASTE ‘BEing the Love you Want’…
FLOW in Spiritual Love…
TRANSFORM your Life & your Relationships from INside-OUT.

When I come to Life, to Relationships: empty, in need, focused on my brokenness…
* I cannot truly love.
* I’m in a much too self-centered, precarious, vulnerable experience, to call it love.

I am not aligned with/ IN the Light,
I am off-track,
I am screwed.

The Way Jesus Loved – and we can too!
(Its an illustration From Jesus, the Meditation isn’t About Jesus ; )

HOW can we Savor the LOVE we need?
Regardless of our current Relationship(s)!
and from there:
HOW can we show up, as LOVE?



Want to Bask in these Waters, all year long?
Live your LIFE: Learning, Playing Savoring IN Sacred LOVE
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in Life, Wendy

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