Our need, desire as humans for love romance, intimacy, connection, acceptance, belonging, mattering….
– These are some of our of our major drives. 
– How well we meld these, effects every aspect of our lives:

  • Our work and play 
  • Our relationships with family, friends, ALL our Relations 
  • Our experience of finding our Place and making an Impact in this world…

Our experience and the difference we make in this life,
are profoundly effected by our Experience of Love.

So, what is your experience of Love?

Whether single or partnered. 
Most of us experience need, desire in this arena. 

(Except in the infatuation stage, where all our dreams seems to come true…
for a minute ; )

Most of us believe the answer to our need is OUT THERE 
– a relationship, an improved partner, a new connection, a community…
SOMEONE who will 
– Really see and Accept us for who we are, and what we aren’t 
– Know us and Love us… for more than a minute…

It’s a jungle out there, trying to get our needs met!

Fortunately, The answer IS NOT OUT THERE.
Those folks out there don’t HAVE what you need.
It is a mirage!

But the better news is, 
We can experience the fulfillment of these needs, desires – within.

I know that sounds crazy, but its true.
I have experienced it myself.
I have watched hundreds of folks shift there lives from this place.

We can stop chasing-around out there!
There is NO CHEESE! 
At least consistently, long-term.

And we end up Using people, Harming people, Chewing up and spitting out people – people that we say that we love.

So, let’s reset!
And start by resting within…

And allowing ourselves to find, to receive, to become, to flourish-in 
The LOVE that is found in our own soul, 
As well as our creative intimate soul connection with heaven and earth.

we are free. 
our needs are met.
we are Love.

We are fulfilled, we are IT, we win 😉

And, amazingly, from there:
we can become available for realizing all the connections that are right here around us.
we can actually love the people around us, for who they are, where they are 
– without having to try to get them to, make them: 
love, accept, give to us – feed our hunger!
we can free those around us – and just love them.
We are Love within, and in our world.

We all win 😉

Experiencing Love, Connectedness, Oneness is your birthright.

You don’t have to wait for another give you a drink of Love.
You can go to the well, and drink yourself – fall in if you want!
Be awash in Love – without depending on your outer circumstances or relationships.

You can learn and practice fulfilling your need for Connection.
(although it might not quite be aligned with Romantic Fantasies ; )

Most people want to be around folks who are overflowing with love.
But, of course:
We can’t give what we don’t have.

When we are full of Love in our Soul,
this is IT, we are there
– Hallelujah, Hallelujah, What We Want is HERE!
And IT – love – really is available to us
– regardless of our outer circumstances.

Hard to believe? Sure!
Maybe this will help: I explored this possibility in a blog titled:
Love is in the air… let’s breathe it into our Soul’

Meanwhile, back to our regularly scheduled convo…

Utilizing a powerful Soul Practice: Active Meditation,
we can get the traction we need, to experience more Love within.

From this place of overflowing Love, we naturally
– enjoy our relationships more deeply,
– open to new connections more easily,
– become more attractive, from the inside-out:
because, really, WHO doesn’t want LOVE?!!

When I am filled up and overflowing with Love,
From Heaven & Earth, from my own heart…
Then I am free to truly Love others.

Until then, I’m hungry, needy, vulnerable…
I mean to Love, but I also Have to get my needs met.
This controls me. It throws me toward wanting to Control them.

I want to be truly free to Love. And free them with Love.
But, I can only truly Love them, when I don’t NEED their Love.
I am so grateful that I found a way to fill up my own Love cistern!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you,

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