Convo: Soul Leadership: Your BEing & DOing: Matters

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Podcast – Soul Leadership: Your BEing & DOing: Matters

Convo between Daniel John Hanneman & Wendy R Wolf 

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I have enjoyed getting to know Daniel, and had a great time in the interview with him. He was generous in his listening and validation. I had the chance to speak at length about my:

  • Passion for Spiritual Deepening, Healing & Growth.
  • Experience of walking my path as a Mystic, a Healer being Healed, and in my Process of fruition – Teleios.
  • Insights around the explicit subject of this interview: You Matter, each of our Presence and who we BE, and what we DO out of this – really makes a difference in co-creating our world.
  • Upcoming offerings
    • BEing Love
    • Empowered Empath

I hope you enjoy the Ride with us in this Podcast.
in Life, Wendy


About Daniel’s Work 

Wendy R. Wolf contact info for this Convo:
BEing the ChangeShifting from the Inside, Out, , text/phone: 206-853-8603



1) Primarily

Soul Leadership
Your BEing, and from there, your DOing -> Impact (ALIGNed on Purpose): MATTERS

What I wrote about this interview focus 2 weeks ahead

– Our Soul Evolution Journey

– The exciting outcome of Teleios

  • te’-lā-os, a Greek word:  Mature into, Become Perfectly You:
    Whole & Complete. Fulfillment, Culmination…
  • The Oak, hidden in the Acorn, and the process we are blessed by engaging
    by explicating, unfurling, uncovering this: Blossoming & Fruition
  • More writing around Teleios and Soul Evolution Process

– Our BEing in our soul, our Energetic imprint in the world

  • Who we are BEing is what fundamentally matters, shifts our world, brings ‘heaven’ to earth.
  • And DOing out of that BEing, in Concert/ Alignment with Source is the most fulfilling way to live – leading to our fulfillment.
  • On this Journey, our most profound impact in this world is born.
  • Regardless of what it looks like in the world, the physical results:  Sometimes obvious, sometimes not – sometimes big or small.  Material results – and our Natural judgment about this – are not the measure of our Spiritual Journey.  (Although looking to what the Fruit is, over time, is key.)

– Rest, watch & wait, allow doing to arise out of BEing. And according to your own unique Dance with the Divine.

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The Bottom Line of this convo is, as Mark Sanborn said
“Anyone, Anywhere, Can make a Positive Difference”

– We are each and ALL in process of Teleios – coming to fruition.
– We shift within our Soul first, and from there into the world
– We assist each and ALL – Most powerfully through who we are being.

– Everyone is part of this Game, whether we know it or not
(becoming more conscious, helps everything)

Culture and Support for LIVING IN our Spiritual Information & Perspective, helps
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2) Wendy’s Current Focus & Offering

BEing the LOVE you want, and our unique Journey Into LOVE

How can we
Tend our Yearning Heart and Invite a Full Life?
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 ‘Journey into LOVE’ online INTENSIVE
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FYI for those who want to go deeper, these online offerings will follow:

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just-in-time Learning, Healing, Growing, Blossoming… in an intimate group.

‘BEing the Change’ Soul Fundamentals Series
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Safely, incrementally build Inner Resources, Intentional Inside Design; 
more consciously perceive, shift and create, below everyday consciousness.

About this:

  • Many promise moon and stars, but this Journey is designed to equip and support you to
    Actually TURN the Titanic, not rearrange deck-chairs:
  • What matters is for each to Continue to Soul OWN and DO within ourselves:
    enjoy & be transformed by direct experience of spiritual reality
    (in this case, LOVE)
    and transform in soul, bringing LOVE into your world, creating a life you love.
    You will get a taste of this, the results above will happen – over time – as you continue in this journey.



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About Wendy:

Rev. Wendy R Wolf identifies as a Mystic; was called as a Healer in 1995.  She trained intensely for four years to become a certified Psychic Healer Teacher, serving professionally since 2005.

Since early childhood, Wendy’s soul senses progressively opened. Unfortunately, suffering as many – with overwhelming information & energy; as is common for (untrained) Empaths, Trance-mediums (Channelers) & many other variations of energy-system ownership challenges.

After being SO STUCK, for too long – inside & out – house-bound many years, often bed-bound (chronic illness); she finally capitulated, learning to consciously dance these energies & powerfully share the fruit.  She now savors Life, Abundantly.

Assistant Director of a Psychic school for 4+ years; Now building “more than a Psychic School”: Graceful Soul:  Mystic. Healer. Creative. Leader.  A Deepening & Development Academy for Transformers. Assisting the waves of Souls, currently evolving into more conscious Soul information & action.  Helping ease their transition & magnify their unique contribution. Weekly workshops begin 13 May 21.