Love is a state of BEing, Not a Relationship status

You can savor delicious, fulfilling Oneness,
Wholeness you’ve been craving;

  • At Home or Work, Alone or with Others, with Family or Friends…
  • Anytime, Anywhere.
  • No matter Who you are, What your experience has been…

BEing LOVE can be experienced differently by each of us,
it can be a Fulfillment of our:

  • Drive to Belong, fit-in,
  • Need to be Known, seen, heard, Accepted,
  • Passion to Serve, bring our Gifts, to Matter…
  • Hunger for Intimacy,
  • Romantic Fantasies,
  • Spiritual Yearnings…

Love in our Culture is often understood to be
very tied to relationship status, family structure, success/ popularity.

Our Dreams of Belonging, Intimacy, Connection, Love…
can come true,

We dont have to
in any particular way
to be immersed in love.

BEing LOVE, we are Welcome:
– OPEN to give and receive Goodness
– FREE to be us, and let them be them
– SAFE to enjoy the playful Dance, without so much Stress!

BEing LOVE is a Process,
of allowing, unfurling, healing, overcoming, growing, fruition…

BEing LOVE is a Journey,
it takes time, intention, attention, focus, willingness, courage, tenacity…

But the fruit starts coming rather quickly, for most.
SO MANY have turned their Relationships, Life, Reality;
from a new perspective, with new inner tools – to a new Consciousness.

Would you like to Come play with us?
Shift your Experience of Love!

Come as my Guest to our 2021 Love Intensive

Invest in your Self: Share, Learn, Heal, Shift
… Deepen into More:

– Intimacy, Belonging, Connection
– Self-Acceptance, Inner Value, Owning your Worth
– Community, Soul Deepening, Action

Sign-up to come as my Guest:

The sooner you join, the more graceful the journey, and the more resources you will receive

See you soon!

Your Deepening ‘Journey into LOVE’ is a Life-long Adventure.
I Promise if you fully engage in this week-long INTENSIVE,
you will shift your experience of love,
at least within your soul, at least a little.

You will receive:

  • a week of daily activities & community, supporting your unique Journey into LOVE
  • culminating in a taste of BEing the LOVE you Want – a 2 hour highly interactive workshop

Come give it a try:
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