I believe in a promised land… Living IN LOVE is our Birthright.

We want delicious Oneness, to feel Complete – FULFILLED
to be wanted, seen, known, heard, safe, accepted – CHOSEN
Solid in who we are, Free in our unique expression – to MATTER

  • We want this to be REAL for us, Now & forever

We want the pain, fear, shame, loneliness, loss – the aching NEED
the inadequacy, trying to be enough, to seem ‘perfect’ – STRIVING
the ripped & broken heart, clawing to get our needs met – CHASING

  • We want this to be GONE from us, Now & forever

We have tried to meet this longing, So Many times, in the way that in Known,
that songs, movies, books; family, society & even religion reinforce:
White horse, Slipper fits – magical romance carries me away – this time for sure!

Sometimes that works, for a minute.
But not all encompasing, deep down, long-term.

We have tried to meet this longing, in So Many programs of self-improvement!
… spiritual, relational, sexual, emotional, belief-shift, professional…
doing what folks say: a new church, gym, counseling, coaching, 12-steps…
Always a new, improved system – hoping for a quick-fix, a silver-bullet – this time for sure!

Sometimes that works, for a minute.
But not all-encompassing, deep-down, long-term.

I get it. I relate. I’ve got the T-shirt.

AND, in the LONG Game:
I am SURE there is no Romance that Magical, no Bullet that Silver.
AND, gratefully
I am SURE there is a Journey that brings us where we want to BE.

Blow away the dreams that tear you apart
Blow away the dreams that break your heart
Blow away the lies that leave you nothing but lost and brokenhearted
– That’s Bruce: The Promised Land

I want to be Very CLEAR
I don’t Live full-time in ‘The Promised Land’, owned and comfortable.

  • Always feeling Fulfilled,
    knowing I’m Chosen & that who I am and what I do Really Matters.
  • Never feeling in-Need,
    Tempted to Strive to be better, Chasing around out there for More.

I am not embodying this ALL the time – this is an Aspiration.

It’s an IDEAL,
which, if we are Honest,
if we are Aware of the Many levels of our Experience,
is not Fully Attainable, Every Second, in every level of our Being.

At least until we have attained Full Mastery in this Game of Life, of Love.
Neither you nor I, are there yet.

But, howlelujah,

  • We are on the Journey, each in our own Way.
  • This Delicious Experience of a promised land, of heaven on earth…
    is my experience, more than I Ever thought POSSIBLE.
  • I watch myself and many others that I am blessed to play-with, and
    it is hard to believe how GOOD, Overflowing, Abundant: Life can be, LOVE IS.

I invite you to GO DEEPER into your Unique Journey Into LOVE.

Whoever you are
Wherever you have been
Whatever you look, act, sound, dress-like
However much of this or that, you may or may not have
Whyever you believe – you experience – this is for others, but not for you…

There is MORE LOVE for you (and for ME!)
So let’s Dive-in Together, have a good time, and enjoy the FRUIT.

I believe in a promised land…
Living IN LOVE is our Birthright.

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Sunday Feb 28 – Saturday March 6th
 ‘Journey into LOVE’ Intensive

Invest in your Self:  Share, Learn, Heal, Shift
… Deepen into More:
  • Intimacy, Belonging, Connection
  • Self-Acceptance, Inner Value, Owning your Worth
  • Community, Soul Deepening, Action
Come as my Guest, register here

Best to you, in your Unique Journey Into Love,

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