Standing FOR our Sacred DREAMS… PLAYING Our Own True GAME

Are you saying YES
to Life, Light, Love, Truth, Your Unique Way?

Are you walking in Beauty?
IN the Freedom & Belonging that is your Birthright?

Are you Savoring your Sweetest life,
On Purpose:

* Playful, Fun?
* Honoring who you Truly are?
* REALizing your most Sacred Dreams?
What are you STANDING FOR?

Half the world is Hiding from Them, Running-from It;
the other Half is Judging It, Fighting Them, with a battle cry of RESIST

Often, all this craziness, all at the same time
(sure, I have this T-shirt, prolly you do as well)

It’s a waste of energy, of life:
It’s Reacting to Lies, instead of Living Our Truth.

This may have helped me Survive, especially when I was Young… maybe.
But its never helped me THRiVE, and it Never will.
What about You?

all this Striving & Trying – Away or Toward
– is a natural body response.
When under Threat, when feeling Unsafe
– what do we do?
Fight Flight Freeze…

There are times when that serves,
but Usually Not.

There is a better way, to live as our default
– that we can learn and practice:

What if we STAND FOR what we Really Truly Want?

The Masters know that the Way of Life is:

– Forward not Back
– Toward not away
– Carrot not stick

Focused on
– what we Choose, not on what we don’t choose!
– unveiling, unwrapping, maturing-into who we Are,
– doing what is Truly in Our Best Interests.

Not Focused on
– who we used to be, or
– who we are afraid to become, or
– pretending to be some Ideal, what others want us to be.

Why can we never make things Right by RESISTING?
How can we do it Differently?

I believe when we play the Game of Life through Judging & Resisting:
The Right & Wrong Game, the Winning & Losing Game….

We actually add energy to the Systems we don’t like,
and hold things in place.
Its Isometrics.

And, even if we seem to win,
how much of this is really just changing hats?
the oppressed becoming the oppressor?

What if we don’t worry about Having to
FIX and Change Everything and Everyone?

Its not our job to do Everything!
Ever watch kindergartners play soccer?
That’s Everyone doing Everything – not very effective.

If we each do our own job,
take care of ourselves,
love our neighbor…

follow our Bliss into Action
doing/ creating/ helping/ healing…
the most amazing things get done.

Each doing their things, and
all the jobs get done

And in case you think no one will do the Crap jobs:

– I Actually like cleaning the Bathroom,
and I Actually do it regularly without ‘Having to’:

It’s quick, easy, finite & everyone appreciates the results.
I’m not afraid of shit.  ; )

– My friend Yogi Loves to take out the Trash.
I lived with her for a few years,
I can Attest:
She takes it out Every day, Nothing can Stop her!

Might You wanna Play your OWN Game? Stand FOR what Your Choose!

Although these are things folks say,
Do you really want to be here for just this?:

– Life Sucks then we Die
– The one who dies with the Most TOYS Wins
– Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone (that one is a Killer, imoe)

I say:
Life is Bigger than That!
We are Bigger than That!

Our True Dreams, Values, Aspirations…
the Natural Outgrowth of the Beauty that we ARE,
the Fruit we can organically bring… 
is MUCH Bigger than That!

I say:
Let’s become more Conscious, Centered, Clear.
Let’s Focus our intention on What we REALLY WANT.
Let’s invest in Momentum to WIN the Game we CHOOSE to Play.

Look Behind all the Darkness,
Look behind all the Glitter and
Find, Go FOR the GOLD.

What say you?
I say…

When we Play our OWN Game, how can we WIN regardless of what happens?

IF we are Willing to Consciously Play our OWN Game 

– it’s fun!
– it makes us who we Truly are!
– it brings us in the direction of our most Sacred dreams!

We Choose LIFE!
Dancing with the Divine, with Heaven & Earth, with ALL Our Relations.

We fall down and get back up, keep going.
We Overcome, Learn, Grow, Transform, make our Difference…

On Fire, Alive, Engaged IN all this Magnificence
Bringing Out the Gifts IN us!
What could be Better?

But, How can everyone Win, even If we Play our OWN TRUE Game?

It isn’t about what THEY are doing – Really, its not.
We are running our own Race
– they can’t do it For us and we can’t do it For them.

It isn’t about Winning OVER them, in some limited, zero-sum Game
– like sports or cards.
This is the Big Game – the Game of LIFE.

My playing poker, takes nothing away from them playing cat’s cradle.
We are showing everyone how its done, to Play Full Out!
SO they are Inspired and receive Modeling for how it’s Done.
That it CAN be done! We don’t have to I’ve like drones.

They too can:
have fun!
be who they Truly are, and
go in the direction of their most Sacred dreams!

What if we PLAY Full Out:
Punching Beyond the Board, into our Highest Dreams?

Toward what we Really Really want
Living IN the Way of Sacred Beauty, Love, Light, Truth… 

ALL these smaller hungers & fears, needs & desires are handled along the way
We are not Ignoring Injustice, Inequality, Ignorance, Poverty, Abuse, our world on Fire…
We are Going Toward what Matters, what Really Matters 

and in the process Injustice, Inequality, Ignorance, Poverty, Abuse, our world on Fire…
is Handled
AND we get somewhere – in the direction of our most Sacred dreams!

And we can’t go Wrong: actively harm when we mean to help,
Because we are Going Toward what Matters, what Really Matters
in the Realm of Sacred Beauty, Love, Light, Truth…

Not by Might or human Power, Force, Manipulation;
Not by Beliefs or Emotional reactions or knee-jerk Instincts;
Not by the demands and stratagems of ‘ego’…

Rather, IN Spirit and Truth.
Practiced in Soul, honed by Discipline & Discernment

IF we each Play our own True Game, What is POSSIBLE in our world?

We each do it in our own Way
We each have our own Trajectory, our own Flavor of the Sacred Spectrum.
We each start in a different place, and are going to a different point in this world.

There is really no Comparison, and no True Competition,
When we Play our OWN True Game. 

We come to Fruition and share the fruit
We become who we are, doing what we are here to do, making our IMPACT

We All BLOOM, a bit more.
Until, eventual, ALL BLOOMS.

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