Romantic Love: our Desire and the Reality

It’s the morning after, my friends
Valentine’s Day has come and gone.
Let’s chat about Love.
I find it unfortunate that,
when many of us think about Love,
we think of Romance.
Most of us know Love is SO much more than that!
But, let’s start with Romance, it is Everywhere.
infatuation, NRE (New Relationships Energy)…
which I, of course, Really Enjoy!
And it is wildly popular with most. Why not?
Our body chemicals go crazy, we feel delicious,
We think our hopes and dreams just might come true, after all…
But, that puppy love, that crush,
that romantic dance we enjoy or enjoyed or hope to enjoy,,,
with the moon in our eyes, like a big pizza pie, That’s Amore.
This person we desire
  • to melt-into, to possess, to be possessed-by, to lose ourselves-with…
  • to feel love with, in infatuation, in the romantic dance…
We don’t even know them, not Really.
(Sadly, that’s what makes the whole scheme work)
We can project on them what we need, desire, expect…
If we squeeze our eyes just right, they fit out Script.
The wonderful is highlighted and the rest is fuzzy, ignored, unseen…
This is mesmerizing.
And I would like to note:
these kind of experiences
  • Do help us Access/ Open-to an experience of Oneness, Acceptance…
  • Can help us Move: heal, grow, shift within and in our world.
This is a blessing, many ways we slice it, IMO.
We are not fully Conscious in this dance.
Our experience is not completely Real,

and it is Never Sustainable in any kind of mature way.

Love feels like something we FALL
and out-of.
(double drat) 

Which leaves us living without this compelling romantic experience.
Or accessing it anew, with a new relationship (lather, rinse, repeat)
(!@#$%^&* drat)


Which, I believe highlights the temptation,
usually unconscious, 
to use people (people we care-about),
to obtain an experience (of love).
Because we have been led to believe, and we experience this as,
the only access we have to this
Much-desired, delicious, compelling experience we call LOVE.
(It isn’t btw)

In my experience:
We Can get what we Need, IN LOVE,
without continual Romantic ups and downs,
without being at the mercy of others and the infatuation experience.

This is some of my experience and wisdom around Romantic Love.
What’s yours?

In Life, Wendy

PS – I hope you continue to find:
Your Unique Journey Deeper into Love,
Give & Receive as you Truly Desire,
in a way that is Accessible, Real, Solid.


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