‘Graceful Soul’ GYM: our PRACTICE Community 

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JOIN ‘Graceful Soul’ GYM

FLOW & Find a comfortable cadence in your Core: Get in Shape:
BUILD your Soul Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, Balance…

DISCOVER & Presence deep: Rest & Relaxation, Grace & Ease to:
BE you, DO you, make Your IMPACT – from INside, OUT.

INVEST in & Leverage your Soul rEvolution, Maturity, BLOOMing:
Overcome, Become, Come to Fruition – bring OUT the Gift IN you.

BELONG & Enjoy our PRACTICE Community,
Regardless of Religious, Spiritual, Meditation: Background, Beliefs, Behavior…


We offer
– 3-5 LIVE Meditations/ month, various days & times to suit your schedule
– videos (sometimes audios) available if you miss
– And ACTIVE Meditation Learning & Practice Library – 100+ Videos & Growing.

What can you expect in the ‘Graceful Soul’ GYM?



‘Graceful Soul’ GYM is the introduction and playful practice space for
‘Graceful Soul’ Academy
the teaching arm of BLOOM: Bring OUT the Gift IN You!

This is part of Wendy R Wolf’s Vision to inspire and equip, each and all,
to come to Teleios: our unique Fullness of Life,
to become the Oak hidden in the Acorn, each in our own way.




* First time?
Please come as our GUEST.

* Already IN ongoing Personal or Group Training?
You’re IN Soul GYM – come free when you can!

* Continually Blessed by weekly meditations?
Give as your Soul Leads
&/or speak to Wendy about non-monetary ways
you can support Mystic Meditation & Community
-> Each offering ($50 Value) is supported by your Generous DONATION
Please Consider becoming a Soul GYM Member:
includes 3 – 5 LIVE, online Meditations/month &
a Growing Library of Meditations you can enjoy as you please.
-> Each Month ($200 Value): $97/ month requested: DONATE Here
Speak with Wendy about recurring donations
&/or about non-monetary ways
you can support Mystic Meditation & Community


Better than I expected, and I expected it to be a wonderful experience.
I learned so many new techniques that I will put to use.

Wendy was personable, funny, caring and knowledgeable.
She was respectful of the various faith backgrounds.
– SU, South River, NJ

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