2023 Offerings

DO you have Light to share & really Care…
and are challenged to Fully Shine?

This year’s Offerings in ACTIVE Meditation for Mystics are Designed with you in mind:

  • Empowering Big Feelers & Healers, Lovers & Leaders: Soul Peace for Empaths
  • ‘BEing the Love you Want’ for you & your World: Fulfilled IN Sacred Love 

Feelers, Healers, Leaders, Lovers… are sometimes
– HUNGRY to experience Oneness, Belonging, Connection, Validation, Matter-ing
– OVERWHELMED with – others &/or our own – emotions, energies, needs
– THWARTED in Comfortably bringing Ourselves & our Gifts to our world.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I have learned to
Live in the FLOW of Sacred Love & Blessings, with needs met;
BE me, DO, me, Make my IMPACT;
with Comfort & Joy, Grace & Ease, more than I EVER thought Possible

and I have watched hundreds of others do this, up close and personal.

– Because I am blessed with, and PRACTICE (and share):
* Discernment
(distinctions, wisdom, direct spiritual information) &
* Tools
(a place to stand and levers to shift – from the Inside, OUT)

YOU can do this Too, IF you Choose

Are you wanting to
Live IN LOVE, Fully SHINE Your LIGHT, Make Your Difference?
Can see yourself in this conversation?

We are humans, with relatable challenges & aspirations
– in varying circumstances, from differing backgrounds
– each bringing ourselves and our gifts to the game,
and coming away richer & more robust – in ourselves and in our connections.

Come Join us in the Soul GYM this year!

We offer Community Practice together each week,
an ACTIVE Meditation Learning & Practice Library,
and Much more.

You can just Drop-in for a Taste, as our Guest,
or Invest in your Soul Journey with a Subscription.

See details of what is happening WINTER 2022 & 23


See below for 2023 Plans:
Our Seasonal FOCI and INQUIRIES


Play the Game of Overcoming:
OWNing Our Lane
March – June ->  Our PRESENT: Healing Past, Shifting Patterns

Counteracting our Past, Changing our Patterns, Choosing our Way
see details for SPRING 2023 


March & April: Surviving to Thriving
HOW do I Shift, in the face of SO Much Shit?
March – Surf the WAVES of Change, instead of being Pummeled
April – Choose your Goal, Set your Sails, Arrive (Eventually!!)


May & June: Empowered Empaths
PEACE for Big Feelers, Healers, Lovers & Leaders
May – Overcome Overwhelm of Others Energy & Choices
June – Goodbye: ‘It’s happening TO me’, Hello: ‘Free & Empowered to CHOOSE’



Play the Game of Coming to Fruition:
OWNing Our Life
July – October ->  Comfortably, Naturally Bringing our Gifts to our world

Dates & Info for this Season TBD – please be in touch to ask for special foci and days of week & times of day that suit you.

July & August: Healthy Healers 

September & October: Soul Leadership



Play the Game of Becoming:
OWNing Our Connections & Experience of Oneness
Nov – Feb 2024 -> Love starts Here, Now. Our Relationship with ALL Our Relations

Details from last time offered:

Nov & Dec: Self-Care. Body Relationship & Communication. 

Jan & Feb: Living Connected in Oneness & Two-ness & the 10,000 things.
BEing the LOVE you Want
– in your own Soul
– with a Partner, with the Divine, with folks we work & play-with everyday

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